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Other justices followed up on the point, and Ms.
“It’s all converging, and now we’re on the point of attack tomorrow.
Finally, it is on the point of data transparency that we petition government.
Bulgaria appeared to be on the point of disintegration into feudal states when…
What I knew about farming could be scratched on the point of a blunt pitchfork.
I shook his hand, wished him safe travels and left him to his quiet night on the point.
“Yes, monsieur; I am on the point of marrying a young girl I have been attached to for three years.”
Every sentence seems to be on the point of curling into a joke; characters are forever spawning a host of eccentric offspring.
Were his regime on the point of collapse, who is to say whether Mr Kim would pull down the temple by unleashing a nuclear attack?
These are particularly effective in horror films or thrillers where the camera takes on the point of view of the villian stalking a victim.
Just as they were arranging themselves round the table, and Levin was on the point of retiring, the old prince came in, and after greeting the ladies, addressed Levin.
She walked up the aisle toward the white blur, and found that it was not made by candles and, in any case, it was about to go out—an old man was on the point of extinguishing a last oil lamp.
From your lips first have I heard the voice of kindness directed towards me; I shall be for ever grateful; and your present humanity assures me of success with those friends whom I am on the point of meeting.’
The young man took it, and was so angry that he was on the point of going away; but checked himself at once, remembering that there was nowhere else he could go, and that he had had another object also in coming.
Kawa also touched on the point of inflation already being priced into stocks, highlighting that they have already suffered an inflation-fear-induced sell-off this year, when 10-year Treasury yield surged 83 basis points over the course of two-and-a-half months.
He said: "I'm not going to talk about an individual, but I can be clear on the point that I would not take a decision - and I believe none of my predecessors ever have taken a decision - that at the point the decision is taken would leave that individual stateless."
Since all reports of long interviews necessarily select the parts regarded as newsworthy, we think the key issue was not that a selection had been made but rather whether the selected parts distorted the interview on the point selected, or were otherwise presented in a misleading way.
…Hellenistic period belonged to the Qumrān community (c. 130 bc–ad 70), which, believing itself raised up to prepare for the new age of everlasting righteousness, found in scripture the divine purpose about on the point of fulfillment, together with its own duty in the impending crisis.
In the hours after Election Day, as Donald Trump seemed on the point of losing the Presidency, he spiralled through emotions like Lear on the heath—raging at Fox News for calling Arizona for Joe Biden, fantasizing about “fraud,” vowing to seek salvation from his appointees to the Supreme Court.
The Englishman was on the point of giving up and boarding a ship back to Muscat (where unbeknown to him a letter awaited recalling him to London, prompted by concerns over his skill as a financial manager) when Bin Kalut and his men finally arrived and signalled their willingness to venture into the Rub al-Khali.














































































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"Chairs in the canteen and common areas have been redistributed, rules for entry, exit, turnstiles, and locker rooms have been revised, and activities that don't comply with the recommended distance guidelines have been suspended," the spokesperson said.
The daily coronavirus briefing press conferences have been a showcase of absent talent.
Had you not been surrounded by other friends, I might have been tempted to introduce a subject, to ask questions, to speak more openly than might have been strictly correct.
In years past the decision would have been clear: She would not have been considered a candidate for relocation and release and would have been humanely euthanized.
About $186 million of the proceeds will be used to finance a portion of the acquisition, $353 million will be used to finance the cost of completing and opening the Taj Mahal and $109.
A spokeswoman for UK Finance , which represents banks and the finance industry, said: “The banking and finance industry can play a central role in delivering a post-Covid economic recovery that is aligned not only to the government’s net-zero target but also to be approached in a fair, just and inclusive way.
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