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  • ., I’ll go take a bath!

  • So if you take a bath, if you have time to yourself to, you know, to read every day.

  • The plan proposes a bail-in: shareholders would take a bath, and wealthy clients would see their deposits become long-dated, low-interest obligations.

  • Sepúlveda had sometimes jumped in to take a bath.

  • But, at the moment, he wanted to take a bath in his hotel-room studio.

  • So I hoofed it back to the inn, changed into a yukata robe, and went downstairs to take a bath.

  • In one fairly typical encounter, a father asked his eight-year-old son five times to please go take a bath or a shower.

  • Whereas Fonda, in his gentlest tones, asks a hotel clerk for buckets of hot water so that a lady can take a bath, John C.

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  • (Thirty years later, Sontag confessed to Nichols that she couldn’t accept the scars from her mastectomy: “I have this thing, and every time I take a bath I’m horrified.”

  • Only in midlife do we feel secure enough to enumerate actions as existing individually outside our possession of them: “I’m going to take a bath,” “I’m going to take a nap.”

  • Walton told me, “I always remember being on food stamps, being a little bit food insecure, having our gas shut off at times and having to warm water on a hot plate to take a bath.”

  • She felt that Katerina did better when she came home in the afternoon and could take a bath if necessary, and lie down or try other comfortable positions while doing her schoolwork.

  • I am one of those people who could die for his religion easier than take a bath for it”), O’Connor lived, from 1952 until her death, in 1964—at age thirty-nine—near Milledgeville, on Andalusia, a dairy farm that her mother had inherited.

  • The middle of the film is an itchy and tremulous account of a wedding party at a Swedish country house, in which the bride, Justine (Kirsten Dunst), keeps wandering off to take a bath or to have sex on the golf course with someone other than the groom, while maintaining frayed relations with her foul-tempered mother (Charlotte Rampling), her feckless father (John Hurt), and her anxiety-ridden sister, Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg), who looks nothing whatever like her.

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