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In other parts of the world, there have been fewer benefits of global trade.
The combination of lower taxes and fewer benefits is intended to encourage people to work.
If you have an old desktop PC with no touchscreen, no camera and no microphone, there are fewer benefits.
The result is a two-tiered employment structure in which contract workers can find themselves paid less and receiving fewer benefits.
But that means commuting to the city, or taking local jobs with less pay and fewer benefits.
The passports held by British nationals look identical to those belonging to citizens, but carry fewer benefits.
Manufacturing workers today are also less likely to be unionised than they once were, so they have fewer benefits.
They will have fewer benefits than claimants who arrive by legal routes and will have “restricted” family-unification rights.
Its cost, he thought, was unconscionable; it promised fewer benefits to humanity, he said more than once, than desalinating ocean water would.
Without better ports, roads and power supplies, Africa will reap fewer benefits from a continental free-trade deal that came into effect last month.
Worse, the physics of how electronic components behave at near-atomic scales means that each new round of shrinkage offers fewer benefits than it used to.
Each tick now takes closer to three years than two, notes Linley Gwennap, who runs the Linley Group, a research firm, and offers fewer benefits than it used to.
The next year it disbanded its 141-year-old police department and reconstituted it as a county-wide force, hiring back most of the officers it had laid off, at lower salaries and with fewer benefits.
Governors in red states such as Georgia, Montana, and South Carolina have cited a so-called labor shortage as necessitating fewer benefits, so that unemployed residents will be compelled to return to work.
A serious problem, however, is that while many companies provide extensive, high-quality benefits to their full-time employees, their contingent peers have access to far fewer benefits — or even none at all.
Earlier this month, about fourteen hundred workers at the cereal giant Kellogg walked off the job to protest the company’s proposed two-tier pay system, in which newer hires would get lower pay and fewer benefits.
There has been rising discontent in the Manus community over fewer benefits than promised in return for hosting the centre, the loss of jobs after it closes and a number of violent episodes involving refugees or centre staff members.
Many digital-media companies, forced to compete for the advertising crumbs that the monopolistic giants Google and Facebook don’t suck up, pay lower wages and extend fewer benefits than the old-media companies that they are supplanting.
Temps, vendors, and contractors "are paid lower salaries, receive fewer benefits, and have little job stability compared with full-time employees, even though they often do the exact same work," Koul and Shaw wrote in their op-ed for The Times.
Local Manusians have also protested, claiming they weren’t consulted about the sudden influx of strange men into their small community and culture, have seen far fewer benefits from hosting the centre than were originally promised, and cite their own safety fears, pointing to a number of allegations of violence perpetrated by detainees.
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