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  • To Hudson's four-fold classification, Dillon (1992a) adds a fifth form, care respect, which is exemplified in an environmentalist's deep respect for nature.

  • But it may be unclear why a slow switch destroys Oscar’s water concept, even as he becomes acquainted with twin water (Boghossian 1989; 1992a, Gibbons 1996, Burge 1998).

  • The dominant model regards the immune response integrating two steps: First, the immune system perceives molecular targets and then “decides” how to react (Cohen 1992a).

  • The standard rough characterization of an artifact is that it is an object created by people to perform some function (see Hilpinen 1992a, Dipert 1993; entry on artifact).

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  • The answers to these questions vary (see Section 7.2.1, Bohm 1953, Valentini 1991a,b, 1992, 1996, 2002, Valentini and Westman 2004, Dürr, Goldstein and Zanghì 1992a,b, 1996, fn. 15, and Callender 2006).

  • Philosophers can be as critical as Duhem when it comes to thought experimenting in their own field (see Cohnitz 2006b; Peijnenburg; Atkinson 2003; Thagard 2014; Sorensen 1992a, pp. 7–50; Stuart 2014; Wilson 2016).

  • One prima facie problem for intention-theorists is that speakers typically have many intentions when they use demonstratives, and these intentions may conflict (Bach 1992a, 1992b; Perry 1997, 2001 p. 60, 2009; King 2013).

  • Dretske and Martin have argued against experience conceptualism on the grounds that it cannot reflect the informational richness of experience (see Dretske 1981, Martin 1992a, see also Bermudez and Macpherson 1999) and Chuard (2007).

  • In this phase, seminal contributions to the dispensability debate were made by Roy Bhaskar, Alan Garfinkel, Harold Kincaid, Frank Jackson and Philip Pettit to mention just a few (see Bhaskar 1979; Garfinkel 1981; Kincaid 1996, 1997; Jackson and Pettit 1992a, 1992b).

  • Charles Parsons (1964, 1992a) and Emily Carson (1997, 1999) have argued that space must be given in a phenomenological manner as an original, non-conceptual representation in order that we be able to demonstrate the real possibility of constructed mathematical objects as required for geometric knowledge (cf.

  • In accordance with his dynamical approach, Kepler first found the second law and, then, as a further result because of the effect produced by the supposed force, the elliptical path of the planets (for the two first planetary laws see especially Aiton 1973, 1975a, Davis 1992a-e, and 1998a; Donahue 1994; Wilson 1968 and 1972).

  • Any serious attempt to master the literature on the problem of perception should include a reading of Anscombe (1965), Armstrong (1968: Chapter 10), Dretske (1969), Jackson (1977), Martin (2002), Moore (1905), Peacocke (1983: Chapter 1), Robinson (1994), Russell (1912), Smith (2002), Snowdon (1992), Strawson (1979), Tye (1992), and Valberg (1992a).

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  • To address this injustice, these writers call for various forms of worker participation in managerial decision-making, including the ability by workers to reject arbitrary directives by managers (Hsieh 2005), worker co-determination of firms’ policies and practices (Brenkert 1992a; McCall 2001; McMahon 1994), and exclusive control of productive enterprises by workers (Dahl 1985).

  • Such extensions from human psychology have been widely utilized in evolutionary history (Margulis, Asikainen, and Krumbein 2011), wherein basic categories of human cognition have been extrapolated to animals (Bekoff, Allen, and Burghardt 2002), bacteria (Ben Jacob et al. 2004; Ben Jacob, Shapira, and Tauber 2005), cancer cells (Ben Jacob, Coffey, and Levine 2012) and the immune system (Cohen 1992a, 1992b).

  • In 1952, David Bohm proposed a deterministic, ‘hidden variables’ quantum theory that reproduces all the observable predictions of orthodox quantum mechanics (see Bohm 1952, Bohm, Schiller and Tiomno 1955, Bell 1982, Dewdney, Holland and Kyprianidis 1987, Dürr, Goldstein and Zanghì 1992a, 1997, Albert 1992, Valentini 1992, Bohm and Hiley 1993, Holland 1993, Cushing 1994, and Cushing, Fine and Goldstein 1996; for an entry level review, see the entry on Bohmian mechanics and Albert 1992, chapter 5).

  • In addition to the debate between Kantian theory and utilitarianism, theoretical work has also been done in developing the role of respect for persons in Habermasian communicative ethics (Young 1997, Benhabib 1991) and in Aristotelian ethics (Thompson 2017, Fricke 2015, Jacobs 1995), in exploring similarities and differences between western (Kantian) views of respect for persons and Indian (Ghosh-Dastidar 1987), Confucian (Lu 2017, Chan 2006, Wawrytko 1982), and Taoist views (Wong 1984), and in developing a distinctively feminist account of respect for persons (Farley 1993, Dillon 1992a).


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