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  • Bodies as intrusion, as pressures, as rights.

  • On the site, you can engage as little or as much as you want.

  • …cosmos may be viewed as monistic, as in Hinduism, in which the cosmos is regarded as wholly sacred or as participating in a single divine principle (brahman, or the Absolute).

  • Finally transitivity requires that if a is at least as preferred as b and b is at least as preferred as c then a is at least as preferred as c.

  • According to historians, the Egyptians were mining copper on the Sinai Peninsula as long ago as 3000 bce, although some bronze (copper alloyed with tin) is dated as early as 3700 bce.

  • Relatively mild odorants, such as orange oil, as well as the more obvious irritants, such as ammonia, stimulate such nerve endings as well as the olfactory receptors.

  • The air molecules are as much of a construct as latitude and longitude, as The New Yorker, as Greenwich Mean Time, as money, as Wall Street, as Manhattan.

  • There is about 4 times as much IgG (including its subclasses) as IgA, 10 to 15 times as much as IgM, 300 times as much as IgD, and 30,000 times as much as IgE.

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  • In principle, the relata can be as different as material bodies, events, geometric entities, or spatio-temporal regions, as in (1)–(8), as well as abstract entities such as properties, propositions, types, or kinds, as in the following examples:

  • ., one that applies equally to all subjects areas (such as the Bible, law, and literature), to oral as well as to written language, to modern texts as well as to ancient ones, to works in one’s own language as well as to works in foreign languages, and so forth.

  • As he wrote in an earlier essay, “The history of racial capitalism, it must be emphasized, is a history of wages as well as whips, of factories as well as plantations, of whiteness as well as blackness, of ‘freedom’ as well as slavery.”

  • Support for European unity came from the right as well as the left, from liberals as well as dirigistes, from clerics as well as anticlericals, from “Atlanticists” as well as those who saw Europe as a “Third Force” between East and West.

  • But as fun as it is to play spot-the-allusion – and as tempting as it is to view The Swimmer as a Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Man – Cheever’s greatest short story transcends its influences and any autobiographical frisson to emerge as a quietly devastating journey into one man’s heart of darkness.

  • Nizhny Novgorod is often anglicised as NIZH-ni NOV-guh-rodd (-1st -i as in bit, -zh as ‘s’ in measure, -2nd -i as ‘y’ in happy, -o as in not, note first syllable stress) though the Russian pronunciation is closer to NEEZH-ni NOV-guh-ruht (-ee as in street, -zh as 's' in measure, -t as in top).

  • The current cast is Jamie Ballard (as Harry Potter), Susie Trayling (as Ginny Potter), Joe Idris-Roberts (as Albus Potter), Jonathan Case (as Scorpius Malfoy), Thomas Aldridge (as Ron Weasley), Rakie Ayola (as Hermione Granger), Helen Aluko (as Rose Granger-Weasley), and James Howard (as Draco Malfoy).

  • “You’re as adventurous as your secrets, as abhorrent as your secrets, as lonely as your secrets, as alluring as your secrets, as courageous as your secrets, as vacuous as your secrets, as lost as your secrets.”

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  • Image to the left: (from Left) Toby Jones as Green with Danny Kirrane as Squeaky Dave, Marcia Warren as Joy, Erin Kellyman as Kayla, Jo Eaton-Kent as Bradley, Luwam Teklizgi as Rita, Wills Whittington as Kieran, Claire Rushbrook as Fran, Dino Kelly as Lech, and Bharti Patel as Manju in Don't Forget the Driver.

  • As fit as ten groats is for the hand of an attorney, as your French crown for your taffety punk, as Tib’s rush for Tom’s forefinger, as a pancake for Shrove-Tuesday, a morris for May-day, as the nail to his hole, the cuckold to his horn, as a scolding quean to a wrangling knave, as the nun’s lip to the friar’s mouth; nay, as the pudding to his skin.

  • “Sully” is as much about the ethics of movie-making as is Eastwood’s “White Hunter Black Heart”; as much about the need for apt pageantry to fuse a civic identity as is “Invictus”; as much about media distortions as is “Flags of Our Fathers”; as much about returning from the dead as is “Hereafter”; as much about abusive governmental and civic authority as is “Changeling”; as much about the fragility of heroic strength as is “American Sniper.”

  • The portion may itself be attached to the remainder, as in (1), or detached, as in (2); it may be cognitively or functionally salient, as in (1)–(2), or arbitrarily demarcated, as in (3); self-connected, as in (1)–(3), or disconnected, as in (4); homogeneous or otherwise well-matched, as in (1)–(4), or gerrymandered, as in (5); material, as in (1)–(5), or immaterial, as in (6); extended, as in (1)–(6), or unextended, as in (7); spatial, as in (1)–(7), or temporal, as in (8); and so on.


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