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  • By this is meant a function f that takes us from a pair ⟨p,q⟩ of sentences to a set f(⟨p,q⟩) of pairs of alternatives (perhaps possible worlds).

  • That is, there is a reading of “Jane believes that she is Fthat does not imply self-consciousness on Jane’s part.

  • An arrow f ∶ A → B is called an isomorphism if there is an arrow g ∶ B → A inverse to fthat is, such that g ○ f = 1A and f ○ g = 1B.

  • The aim of D8 is to establish, for a variety of different properties F, that if the one is not, then the others are neither F nor con-F.

  • For the biology geeks on the podcast, V-E-G-F, that is a protein that we all have the instruction in our DNA, which basically tells your body to make a new blood vessel.

  • That is, an existential claim that there is an F that is G, plus a signal that this is given information, is often enough to allow us to implicate that there is unique F that is G.

  • Say that an interpretation of LAr satisfies the formula function X with respect to a sequence f (that assigns values from A to the original variables of LAr) if and only if:

  • So the second sentences of discourses of the form of (40) ought to have readings on which they mean the unique F that is G is H (Russellian) and on which they mean every F that is G is H (numberless).

F—that sentence examples

  • To make this notion of adequacy more precise, we define a realization (sometimes called translation or interpretation) to be a function f that assigns to each propositional atom of modal logic a sentence of arithmetic, where

  • Further, as a result of the Success postulate, the incoming formula F that brings about the belief change is assumed to be completely trustworthy: the agent accepts without question the incoming information F and incorporates it into her set of beliefs as per the belief change process.

  • In order to solve it, we need to find a relation between the state of affairs a’s being F and a and being F that (i) does not make a and being F parts of the state of affairs, (ii) allows one to distinguish between necessarily co-obtaining states of affairs, and (iii) distinguishes the state of affairs a’s being F from other objects that, intuitively speaking, involve a and being F.

  • All three theses might seem contentious today. (1) seems to allude to Phaedo 100e’s notorious thesis about the role of the Form of F-ness in any x’s being Fthat x is F “by the Form of F-ness.” (2) looks contentious because it implies (3); and (3) brings me to a second question about 142a–145e (which is also an important question about the whole dialogue): What is the meaning of the Greek word that I am translating as “knowledge,” epistêmê?


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    Use F—that in a sentence

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