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  • White suggests that dilation examples show that imprecise probabilities violate the Reflection Principle (van Fraassen 1984).

  • In other words, by not stating any rules for this type of probability revision, we avoid the difficulties noted by van Fraassen.

  • Suárez (2003: 226–227), drawing on van Fraassen (2002) and Putnam (2002), defines “naturalistic” accounts of representation as ones where

  • and Bas van Fraassen, who also embraced the idea of data models as “summarizing relative frequencies found in data” (Van Fraassen 2008: 167).

  • By “inflationary metaphysics,” van Fraassen has in mind the scientific realists’ typical beliefs in, for example, laws of nature, natural kinds, and objective modality.

  • Regarding the argument that, if different types of microscopes make similar observations, then the observations must be veridical, van Fraassen replies that that argument

  • The method of supervaluations has been developed by Henryk Mehlberg (1958) and Bas van Fraassen (1966) and has later been applied to vagueness by Kit Fine (1975), Rosanna Keefe (2000) and others.

  • The constructive empiricist might reply that we are not warranted in saying that the humanoids have the experience of viruses unless we already treat the humanoids as being part of our epistemic community (van Fraassen 1985, 256–257).

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  • Discussions of RCCP in the context of quantum theory include Butterfield (1989, 2007); Chang and Cartwright (1992) Kowalski and Placek (1999); Penrose and Percival (1962); Placek (2000a,b); van Fraassen (1982a, 1991); Wüthrich (2004); and Wiseman and Cavalcanti (2017).

  • A sufficiently unreflective constructive empiricist might adopt this construal of empirical adequacy for her theory, but a more sophisticated constructive empiricist would probably embrace an account of empirical adequacy akin to that which van Fraassen develops later in The Scientific Image.

  • This view has been variously baptized as the Received View (Putnam 1962; Hempel 1970), the Syntactic Approach (van Fraassen 1970, 1989), the Syntactic View (Wessels 1976), the Standard Conception (Hempel 1970), the Orthodox View (Feigl 1970), the Statement View (Moulines 1976, 2002; Stegmüller 1976), the Axiomatic Approach (van Fraassen 1989), and the Once Received View (Craver 2002).

  • Finally, it should be noted that although this subsection only discussed probabilistic semantics for classical propositional logic, there are also probabilistic semantics for a variety of other logics, such as intuitionistic propositional logic (van Fraassen 1981b, Morgan and Leblanc 1983), modal logics (Morgan 1982a, 1982b, 1983, Cross 1993), classical first-order logic (Leblanc 1979, 1984, van Fraassen 1981b), relevant logic (van Fraassen 1983) and nonmonotonic logic (Pearl 1991).


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