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But I digress.
But I digress.
But I digress.
But I digress.
But I digress.
But I digress.
But I digress….)
Anyway, I digress.
But I don’t mean to digress.
I digress, and, almost despair.
Some of us are not fans of marriage full stop, but I digress.
He loves to tell stories, digress, and speculate, and his enthusiasms are beguiling.
And perhaps there's a case for "Dyer" too, meaning "to digress amusingly a la Geoff"?
(This predicament is otherwise known as “the human condition,” but I digress.)
Yes, May 25 will mark the two-year anniversary of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but I digress.
Or maybe they thought if I saw what great guys they were, I'd be less critical of them or their firm... but I digress.
Let us digress briefly in order to note that some versions of the safety account will not uphold closure (Murphy 2005 presses this objection against Sosa’s version of the safety account).
What arrives next is the marvellous phrase “half sea half land” (not yours but close), marvellous I mouth before I digress, and then zoom away to teach them, Adam, your “To Go to Lvov.”
Sometimes they move exactly in unison, sometimes tiny details deliberately diverge (Patel’s fingers stretched out, Scott’s folded to his palms), elsewhere they digress into their own modes – Patel’s tight corkscrew turns versus Scott’s more expansive curlicues – before returning to the fold.
I am tempted to digress into the dialectical tension between the terms “anime” and “inanimate”—right next to the Simmons show is an installation based on the work of Gilles Deleuze, the French metaphysician, that plays with the same idea—but I fear that this is T.M.I.














































































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