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  • He is reported to have been the teacher of Archytas of Tarentum in one source (Cicero, de Orat.

  • In the south the Italian campaign of Pyrrhus left its mark on various coinages, notably at Tarentum.

  • The kidnapper  escaped with his ex   and they drove the outskirts of Pittsburgh      Tarentum, Aspinwall, Turtle Creek all night before she talked him into turning   himself in at dawn

  • In his fifth consulship (209) he captured Tarentum (modern Taranto, Italy), which Hannibal had held for three years.

  • From Capua it ran east to Beneventium (Benevento) and then southeastward again to reach the port of Tarentum (Taranto).

  • Metapontum, Greek Metapontion, ancient Greek city in Italy on the Gulf of Tarentum, near the mouth of the Bradanus (Bradano) River.

  • After Rome subjugated the area, founding a colony at Brundisium in 246 and capturing Tarentum in 209, the designation Calabria came to be used.

  • Among the earliest references is one to a wooden model of a pigeon constructed by Archytas of Tarentum (fl. 400–350 bce), a Greek friend of Plato.

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  • The athlete and trainer, Iccus of Tarentum, is listed in Iamblichus’ catalogue, but none of the other sources, including Plato, call him a Pythagorean.

  • When his first operations against Sextus’s Sicilian bases proved disastrous, he felt obliged to make a new compact with Antony at Tarentum (Taranto) in 37 bce.

  • Outside the Aegean world, important Doric colonies were founded by Doric cities: Syracuse was established by Corinth (c. 734 bc), Tarentum by Sparta (c.700 bc), Cyrene by Thera (c. 630 bc).

  • Although many works of art from the Classical period show the wrestling match of Heracles and Antaeus, none earlier than a Hellenistic coin from Tarentum in Italy show Heracles lifting Antaeus.

  • According to the 3rd-century-ce historian Diogenes Laërtius (the source for most biographical details), Eudoxus studied mathematics with Archytas of Tarentum and medicine with Philistion of Locri.

  • They frequently fought the Greeks of the nearby Spartan colony of Tarentum (modern Taranto), but they supported Tarentum and Pyrrhus of Epirus in their wars against Rome (280–275 bc).

  • From the 3rd century bc to the 7th century ad, the name Calabria had specifically referred to a district in the southeastern extremity of the Italian peninsula between the Adriatic and the Gulf of Tarentum.

  • Votive reliefs also were common, notably those of the local divinities and heroes rendered broadly and smoothly in Tarentum (Taranto), southern Italy, and the small, meticulous reliefs of local cults found at Locris in central Greece.

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  • It is uncertain whether the treatises On Flutes (B6), On Machines (B1 and B7), and On Agriculture (B1 and B8), which were in circulation under the name of Archytas, were in fact by Archytas of Tarentum or by other men of the same name.

  • Both Alexis (Fr. 223 = Athenaeus IV 161b) and Cratinus the younger (Fr. 7 = Diogenes Laertius VIII 37) wrote plays entitled The People of Tarentum, which, although they may not have been primarily about Pythagoreans, featured depictions of them (Arnott 1996, 625–626).

  • The prospect of unmanned flight has been around—depending on your definition—since Archytas of Tarentum reputedly designed a steam-powered mechanical pigeon, in the fourth century B.C., or since Nikola Tesla, in 1898, demonstrated a radio-controlled motorboat at an exposition in Madison Square Garden.

  • Other key works attributed to Lysippus include the Agias of Pharsalus, a statue of a victor in the pancratium (athletic games for boys); Troilus (an Olympic victor, 372 bce); Coridas (a Pythian victor in the pancratium, 342 bce); the colossal bronze statue of Zeus at Tarentum; the colossal bronze seated Heracles at Tarentum, later sent to Rome and then to the hippodrome at Constantinople (now Istanbul), where it was melted down in 1022; and the chariot of the sun at Rhodes (Apollo on a four-horse chariot).


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