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  • A set A is called a subset of a set B (symbolized by A ⊆ B) if all the members of A are also members of B.

  • Beam, in engineering, originally a solid piece of timber, as a beam of a house, a plow, a loom, or a balance.

  • As a consequence, the essence of a circle is that a circle is a set of points in a plane equidistant from a given point.

  • And then, suddenly feeling a social tug, he would beach in a river town and make several stops: a grocery, a church, a library, a bar.

  • In some cases, a psychophysical product expresses a mental product; for instance, a sentence is a psychophysical product which expresses a mental product, a judgment.

  • hard inexorable disposition, a wild inhuman disposition, a sheepish disposition, a childish disposition; a blockish, a false, a scurril, a fraudulent, a tyrannical: what then?

  • As we wrote back in 2015, Hamilton really is everything: a drama, a comedy, a romance, a character study, a spectacle, a lesson, a statement, a war story and a historiographical critique.

  • A kitchen scene, it depicts a few subtle disasters—a boy taking a cookie from a jar on a high shelf while falling off a stool; sibling coercion; a mother with a glazed expression drying a dish as a sink overflows into a puddle at her feet.

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  • These include sounds, such as words, music, or a 21-gun salvo; gestures (a military salute, a thumbed nose); postures (a weary slump, folded arms, a sit-down, an aristocratic bearing); structures (a monument, a building); items of clothing (a uniform, a civilian suit); visual signs (a poster, a flag, a picket sign, a badge, a printed page, a commemorative postage stamp, a swastika scrawled on a wall); and so on and on.

  • A stark air of extinction clings especially to things that have only partially emerged: a woolen glove like a hand coming out of the earth, a Dunkin’ Donuts plastic coffee cup with a straw still sticking through the lid, the corner of a flip-top box of Marlboros, a ghastly toilet scrubber, the broken skeleton of an umbrella, a bird cage, fortunately empty, a bucket of KFC with a few leftover pieces nibbled by rats, a whole rat, still frozen, emerging from the snow, a pile of dog shit, a woolen cap, a plastic fork, a crushed pigeon, a baby diaper, a sponge covered in hair, a microwave, the black suction cup of a toilet plunger, thousands of cigarette butts.

  • (1) The cavetto is a concave molding with a profile approximately a quarter-circle, quarter-ellipse, or similar curve. (2) A scotia molding is similar to the cavetto but has a deeper concavity partially receding beyond the face of the general surface that it ornaments. (3) A flute is a small groove of a semicircular, segmental, or similar section. (4) An ovolo, a convex molding, has a profile approximately a quarter-circle or quarter-ellipse. (5) A torus, a convex molding, approximates a semicircle or semiellipse. (6) A roll, or bowtell, molding is convex, approximating three-quarters of a circle. (7) An astragal is a small torus. (8) An apophyge molding is a small, exaggerated cavetto.

  • A few days ago, I picked up my phone and, in the course of about a minute, looked at a photo of my fat-cheeked baby giggling in a wading pool, a closeup shot of a fan-tailed songbird, a video of hundreds of desperate people waiting for a disappearing chance to exit a nightmare, a paragraph in a news story about a mother of five who died in a flood, a digital rendering of a blue sunset on a planet near the edge of our solar system, a video of a bikini-clad influencer begging her followers to save the coral reef, a text from a friend who was mad at herself for starting another argument with an anti-vaxxer, and a recipe for cold tomato-cilantro soup.


  • noun communication

    - the 1st letter of the Roman alphabet

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