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  • Actions, Katsafanas holds, are generated by drives.

  • Good actions have positive karma and negative actions have negative karma.

  • Around 300 basic in-game actions branch out into millions of possible counter-actions, all of which the AI has to understand in the blink of an eye.

  • When courts determine challenged administrative actions to be unreasonable or to involve abuses of discretion, those actions are declared null and void, as are actions that are judged inconsistent with constitutional requirements when courts exercise judicial review in the conventional or constitutional sense.

  • In contrast, unskilful thoughts and actions are influenced by desire, greed, hatred or anger.

  • Skilful actions lead to a good rebirth and unskilful actions lead to a bad rebirth.

  • As we saw earlier, in the paradigm cases corrupt actions are a species of morally wrong, habitual, actions.

  • These eight actions are important as a person’s actions in life will determine what they are reborn as in their next life.

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  • However, the class of corrupt actions has not been adequately demarcated within the more general class of immoral actions.

  • A person with an impure will does not attempt to perform morally right actions just because these actions are morally right.

  • In each case, an agent regards herself as having moral reasons to do each of two actions, but doing both actions is not possible.

  • We are said to be responsible for our actions when we act as we choose and determinism does not deny that our actions often spring from our choices.

  • Such strongly permitted actions include actions one is obligated to do, but (importantly) also included are actions one is not obligated to do.

  • Non-enduring products do not exist in actuality separately from the corresponding actions, but only in conjunction with them; we can only analyze them abstractly apart from these actions.

  • Individualism (of which more below) is committed to an analysis of joint action such that ultimately a joint action consists of: (1) a number of singular actions; and (2) relations among these singular actions.

  • Thus, evil actions are qualitatively distinct from merely wrongful actions provided the essential properties of evil actions are not also the essential properties of merely wrongful actions but had to a greater degree.

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  • This would mean that human actions would not only be similar to natural actions, such as the occurrence of an eclipse or the rising of the sun, but that human actions would also be essentially similar to the actions of the separate intellects.

  • Both procedures are strongly affected by the fundamental distinction that Roman law made between actions in personam and those in rem and by the distinction that the medieval civilians (lawyers in the civil law system) made between actions to establish ownership (petitory actions) and those to recover possession (possessory actions).

  • In cases of probability-raising actions, omissions, and doubly-preventative actions, there is occasionally and inconsistently still no liability for harms that counterfactually depend on such actions, omissions, and double preventions if such harm does not also counterfactually depend on that aspect of those actions, etc., that made the defendant culpable.

  • Wrong actions ought to be discouraged and shunned; right actions ought to be promoted and encouraged; virtuous people are disposed to perform right actions and not to perform wrong actions; vicious people are disposed to perform wrong actions and not to perform right actions; right actions are right because they have certain natural properties on which rightness supervenes; similarly for wrong actions; and so on.


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