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These computations stop when a canonical form is reached.
(These works are also regarded as canonical in the Eastern Orthodox churches.)
Canonical penalties can involve denial of the eucharist or even excommunication.
There are canonical parodies and there are funny parodies, and the categories are not completely overlapping.
Chirimuuta’s resource is “canonical neural computations” (CNCs):
Canonical relations individuate the symbol, but non-canonical relations do not.
In QFT the canonical commutation relations for a field φ and the corresponding conjugate field π are
In order to understand non-canonical writers, you must make the effort to understand canonical writers.
It is possible to provide a canonical treatment of additive connectives, even with first-order quantification (Heijltjes et al. 2018).
The criteria of true doctrine, usage, and apostolicity all taken together must be satisfied, then, in order that a book be judged canonical.
Afterwards, the students preferred them to the canonical works, while a control group of students liked the canonical ones best.
The petition, fortunately, seems to suggest all they want is a new sequence that values non-canonical works as much as canonical.
Gibbs did not enter into a systematic discussion of this problem, but only discussed special cases of equilibrium ensembles (i.e. canonical, micro-canonical etc.).
And, in the recent feminist series Re-reading the Canon seven of the thirty-five canonical philosophers are women: including Mary Wollstonecraft, Hannah Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir.
Then the formation rules explain how correct canonical types are built and the introduction rules explain how correct canonical objects of such canonical types are built.
While Brahmanical thinkers accepted the insight of the Buddhists that the canonical inference is underpinned by indispensability, they refrained from modifying the form of the canonical argument they used.
Furthermore, many of the issues facing canonical quantum gravity are also firmly rooted in conceptual difficulties facing the classical theory, which philosophers are already well acquainted with (e.g. via the hole argument).
A canonical proof is a proof whose last step is an application of an introduction rule, and its immediate subproofs are canonical (unless they have free variables or undischarged assumptions—for details see Prawitz 2005).
Philosophically, it shares with Prawitz the three fundamental assumptions of standard proof-theoretic semantics, mentioned in section 2.2.2: the priority of closed canonical proofs, the reduction of closed non-canonical proofs to canonical ones and the substitutional view of open proofs.
As the addition ends with the story about Daniel in the lions’ den, which is also narrated in the canonical Book of Daniel with another motivation, it is probable that this short treatise originated in a tradition that was parallel to the canonical Book of Daniel and that the two stories were translated from a Hebrew or Aramaic original.














































































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