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  • Balaji Srinivasan's twitter updates were clutch.

  • The number of eggs in a set (clutch) varies from 1 to about 20.

  • For the first time since the first week, he did not clutch his stomach or grimace between points, and the bilingual monologues to his camp were replaced by a searing focus.

  • Maldonado, who has dimples and was wearing a gold ring with a scarlet stone, said that a clutch of ginkgos on Ninety-third and Columbus had been bothering him since he was a kid.

  • Since December 1, they have gone 8-1 in games decided in the clutch.

  • In some small species, the number of eggs is rather uniform for each laying or clutch.

  • The dress was embellished with stars, and the singer tied the look together with black pumps and a clutch.

  • There's no power button because the Clutch Charger turns on automatically when you plug it into your iPhone.

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  • Not much bigger than a couple of credit cards, the Clutch Charger has a built-in Lightning cable that slides out from the top left corner.

  • In some species, mating must occur after each clutch of offspring is produced in order to fertilize another clutch of eggs.

  • Many geckos and some skinks have genetically fixed clutch sizes of two eggs, and one egg is usually produced by each ovary during a given reproductive cycle.

  • A four-cylinder turbocharged car with a dual-clutch automatic gearbox drives very differently from something with a naturally aspirated V8 and a manual transmission.

  • Perseverance is carrying a clutch of instruments designed to analyse rocks for biosignatures – chemical hallmarks of life – and will also store other samples from the planet’s surface.

  • For the next step, the students learned to use the clutch by setting the parking brake, starting the engine, shifting into first gear, and then releasing the clutch while adding gas.

  • Current costs are illustrated by the example of a female guarding a clutch of eggs at the expense of laying another clutch or a male that cares for nestlings rather than attracting additional mates.

  • Clutch, (born May 28, 1938, Cheylan, West Virginia, U.S.), American basketball player, coach, and general manager who spent four noteworthy decades with the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

clutch sentence examples

  • They’re beetles, actually – the larvae of a clutch of wood-boring species with names from the humdrum (common furniture) to the charismatic (house longhorn) to the activity-descriptive (powder post) to the chilling (death watch).

  • This year, the holiday — cherished always by African-Americans — feels bigger, more urgent as a nation gutted by a series of violent deaths of black people has given way to outsized demonstrations and protests against police brutality and the enduring clutch of racism.

  • Amazon has brought in a clutch of measures inside its warehouses to prevent the spread of coronavirus amongst its employees, including temperature checks, providing a limited supply of masks, distributing antibacterial products, and bringing in a 6-foot distancing rule.

  • Many of the later are serviced by the Howard Clock Co, In the case of the clock in the spire of Trinity Church, the Howard man will have to put the governor and trip levers into no-strike position, pull the clutch, move the hands forward eleven hours, then snap the clutch back and release the trip levers and the governor.


  • noun act

    - the act of grasping

  • verb contact

    - take hold of; grab

  • noun state

    - a tense critical situation

    Example: he is a good man in the clutch

  • verb contact

    - hold firmly, usually with one's hands

    Example: She clutched my arm when she got scared

  • verb cognition

    - affect

  • noun group

    - a number of birds hatched at the same time

  • noun group

    - a collection of things or persons to be handled together

  • noun artifact

    - a woman's strapless purse that is carried in the hand

  • noun artifact

    - a pedal or lever that engages or disengages a rotating shaft and a driving mechanism

    Example: he smoothly released the clutch with one foot and stepped on the gas with the other

  • noun artifact

    - a coupling that connects or disconnects driving and driven parts of a driving mechanism

    Example: this year's model has an improved clutch

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