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  • The last three—Prasna, Mandukya, and Maitri—were composed in prose.

  • The work was composed in 1880 and first performed on January 4, 1881.

  • Upper Guinea is composed of the Niger Plains, which slope northeastward toward the Sahara.

  • During his lifetime, Verdi composed over 25 operas and a number of sacred works for voices and orchestra .

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  • Finally, the most recent, composed between 1000 and 1500, are the Kalika, Kalki, Mahabhagavata, Naradiya, and Saura.

  • Originally composed in 1851 for solo piano, the work was soon converted into orchestral form by Liszt’s colleague, Franz Doppler.

  • …outer layer of the duplicate cerebral hemispheres is composed of a convoluted (wrinkled) outer layer of gray matter, called the cerebral cortex.

  • Plant tissues are said to be simple if they are composed of a single type of cell and complex if they are composed of two or more cell types.

  • The redactor (editor) of Acts composed speeches with primary primitive material within them; about one-fifth of Acts is composed in this way.

  • …available are the “killed” (Salk) vaccine, composed of inactivated virus of the three types, and the “live” (Sabin) vaccine, composed of genetically attenuated viruses of the three types.

  • Audio clips: “There Will Be”; an unreleased recording composed by Merrill Garbus; a live performance of “Psychedelics”; an unreleased track composed by William Brittelle; “Partita for 8 Voices: No. 3.

  • In addition, Albarn composed the music for Monkey: Journey to the West (2007), a Mandarin-language opera based on Wu Cheng’en’s 16th-century novel Xiyouji, and he wrote, composed, and performed in Dr.

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  • Tissues composed of only one cell type and performing only one function are simple tissues, while those composed of more than one cell type and performing more than one function, such as support and conduction, are complex tissues.

  • Among the major types of benign tumours are the following: lipomas, which are composed of fat cells; angiomas, which are composed of blood or lymphatic vessels; osteomas, which arise from bone; chondromas, which arise from cartilage; and adenomas, which arise from glands.

  • Hydrogen gas is said to consist of molecules composed of two hydrogen atoms held together by a single, covalent bond; oxygen gas, of molecules composed of two oxygen atoms and a double bond; methane, of molecules composed of four equivalent carbon-hydrogen single bonds, and silicon dioxide (sand) crystals of indefinitely repeating covalently bonded arrays of SiO2 units.

  • For instance, Frege (1892, 1919) held that propositions are composed of senses of words (e.g., on this view, the proposition that snow is white is composed of the senses of ‘snow’ and ‘is white’), whereas Russell at one point (1905, 1910–11) held that propositions are composed of properties, relations, and objects (e.g., on this view, the proposition that Mars is red is composed of Mars (the planet itself) and the property of redness).


  • adj all

    - serenely self-possessed and free from agitation especially in times of stress

    Example: the performer seemed completely composed as she stepped onto the stage

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