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But then he appeared to conflate the personal story of Ms.
But we should not conflate a Democratic victory with a return to normalcy.
Wolfe said he was careful to not conflate Chomsky’s theories of language with his radical left point of view.
We cannot afford to be complacent and conflate freedom with a lack of upfront investment in the wellbeing of the community.
I think there’s an idea that actors need to live in extreme emotional states, and people conflate that with drinking.
"People may conflate the high expected costs of pandemic flu with the far more common, lower-cost seasonal flu," the study said.
However, officials say publicity around Havana Syndrome may have led some to conflate unrelated conditions with the supposed ailment.
O’Brien: I think we conflate the many different definitions of sexual harassment — the legal definition, someone’s personal interpretation.
At the end, it may not be too fanciful to conflate Walter and Crace, as the narrator steps out of bounds and says farewell to a way of life.
Tom Cotton of Arkansas tried to conflate peaceful demonstrators fighting for racial justice with those who were actually rioting in the streets.
The fact that people conflate porn that celebrates female sexuality with 'porn for women' says everything about the androcentric nature of mainstream pornography.
Vasubandhu is cautious not to conflate a description of perceived entities as reducible to only mind (Level 1) with a description of the ineffable ultimate reality (Level 3).
He argued that it was a mistake to conflate his city — a community of students, families and a striking number of mattress stores — with the political excesses of state government.
The young American artist Sara VanDerBeek, who is based in New York, is one of the new crop of rule-bending photographers who conflate picture-taking and object-making, abstraction and realism.
This was a direct attack on democracy but Republican lawmakers tried to conflate looting and skirmishes with police at social justice protests and a coordinated, violent attack instigated by the president.
But the president appeared to conflate the source of the funds allocated to Harvard with a set of federal loans meant for small businesses, and the university said it would keep the money and distribute it entirely to students in need.
Malcolm Gladwell comments on the Princeton student protests of Woodrow Wilson—the namesake of their School of Public and International Affairs—as part of a larger evolution of our society’s tendency to conflate the notions of “wrongness” and “harmfulness.”
Equalities organisations insist that supporting transgender rights should not and must not excuse abusive behaviour, but also make a plea not to conflate angry and anonymous voices online with organised campaigners: it is dangerous to decide the merits of equality principles based on what is said on Twitter.
demands for black liberation are being widely embraced, opposing narratives that usually try to delegitimize the grievance or shift frames towards law and order, the need to be more patient for change and go through conventional channels, or outright conflate protesters with common criminality are being drowned out and have not had a footing.
Perhaps the most serious inhibition to the emergence of the history of theories of scientific method as a respectable area of study has been the tendency to conflate it with the general history of epistemology, thereby assuming that the narrative categories and classificatory pigeon-holes applied to the latter are also basic to the former. (1968: 5)














































































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