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What constitutes trustworthy awareness?
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Monday’s response from Catalonia, therefore, constitutes the polticial equivalent of “double or quits”.
Ashlee Tilford, managing editor for, told Insider that most homeowners have a misconception of what constitutes "inhabitable."
Likewise, on any plausible view, frustration felt as a result of unfulfilled desires constitutes a reduction in welfare.
A statement has a “word-to-world” fit because it constitutes an attempt by the speaker to make his words “match” the world in a certain sense.
So my left foot and any arbitrary stone at the bottom of the sea constitutes an object, though an object of no descriptive or explanatory interest.
For any two entities x and y, if x constitutes the very nature of y and y constitutes the very nature of x, then they are identical.
The study of these conventional conditions for illocutionary acts, together with the study of their correct taxonomy constitutes the core of speech act theory.
The low-pressure circuit from the heart (right atrium and right ventricle), through the lungs, and back to the heart (left atrium) constitutes the pulmonary circulation.
There was no explanation given for why Chinese ownership of a gay dating site constitutes a national security risk, but I trust that by now you can answer that question yourself.
I mean, again, the power of conspiracy theory is there’s a ton of ambiguity about what constitutes a conspiracy theory and what constitutes commenting on the news of the day.
A relation of defeasible consequence clearly must be nonmonotonic, since a defeasible inference can be defeated by adding additional information that constitutes a rebutting or undercutting defeater.
Meta-meta-proof requires both the epistemological premises about what constitutes proof that meta-proof needs and, in addition, meta-meta-proof needs epistemological premises about what constitutes meta-proof.
They are either directly accessible (pratyakṣa), which constitutes objects that are obvious to cognition, or they are directly inaccessible (parokṣa), which constitutes objects that are occulted, or obscured from cognition.
Different patients take different views about what constitutes a harm and a benefit, and when each view is reasonable it is morally unacceptable to maintain that the notions of medical benefit and harm are independent of the patient’s judgment.
“For Muscat, this ongoing war constitutes the gravest threat to Oman’s security, thus resolution of the conflict has always been a high priority for the Sultanate’s leadership,” Giorgio Cafiero, CEO of Gulf State Analytics in Washington, told The Independent.
Reconciliation Australia wrote to all its partner organisations, including BHP, “regarding our expectations on the standards we expect of them as partners and what constitutes respectful relationships, including organisations who operate under WA heritage laws”.
Reconciliation Australia has written to all its partner organisations, including BHP, “regarding our expectations on the standards we expect of them as partners and what constitutes respectful relationships, including organisations who operate under WA heritage laws”.
When the formation of a preference is nondeterministically caused and it deterministically causes a decision and subsequent action, then a preference that partly constitutes the agent, one that is generated by an evaluative faculty that partly constitutes the agent, and one that the agent could have prevented (by not forming that preference) causally determines the decision and subsequent action.














































































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