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One of the points of contention between Mr.
Since then, a series of experiments in laboratories have supported the contention.
And the key premise offered in support of this contention, going back to Putnam’s work (presented in §1 above) is multiple realizability.
The CTA's choice to invite Ivanka Trump as a speaker in a keynote about tech's role in the future of work caused some contention, but these speaking events otherwise went off without a hitch.
Baden’s contention that the circumstances around Mr.
That removes them from contention just as their careers begin to peak.
The issue has become yet another point of contention within Italy’s coalition government.
Iowa’s privileged status in the national presidential primaries was a source of contention long before Monday night’s debacle.
Here, too, the contention that space is ideal—or that it lacks reality—amounts to the contention that it cannot exist independently of objects.
Slovakia’s opener had also came from a defensive lapse from Baraclough’s team, who pressed, harried and hauled their way back into contention as players dropped through injury during extra time.
Spencer, in an interview late Saturday, was typical of the man who has rhetorically elbowed his way into the national conversation with his use of Nazi language and his unalloyed contention that America belongs to white people.
Since this thesis is essential to the contention that Moore* may not instantiate the disjunctive template and may thus be transmissive of propositional justification, the latter contention is also open to controversy.
Reforming Northern Ireland's domestic violence laws also remains a bone of contention for the department - prior to Stormont's collapse the then justice minister Claire Sugden was working on such legislation but when Stormont collapsed the bill did too.
“None of this means that members of the BBC Pride network cannot be involved in Pride festivities in Belfast, but it does require BBC Northern Ireland to avoid creating the impression that it has a position on matters of political contention or controversy.
In response to the Trump’s administration’s abject failures to govern, grievance has reigned: law and order panics took hold, angry echo chambers reached a cacophony as the super-spreader surged back into contention on a wave of discontent of his own making.
SIR – As a relative outsider recently elected to Latvia's parliament, partially on an anti-corruption ticket, I object to the contention that I and others like me “seem to be captured by the system within months” (“From Bolshevism to backhanders”, April 16th).
In the night's co-main event, Australian former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker continued his return to form since losing his title to Israel Adesanya last October by outpointing American Jared Cannonier to move back into title contention at 185 pounds.
As government measures to control the coronavirus pandemic keep workers home and many businesses closed, the insurance industry's reluctance to extend coverage for the resulting financial losses has become a point of contention between public officials and the industry.
But MyTheresa has become a major point of contention for a group of bondholders, who have been arguing since 2018 that Neiman Marcus improperly transferred MyTheresa’s valuable assets to the company’s owners, leaving little to protect holders of the company’s unsecured debt.
Because women disproportionately like Buttigieg and Klobuchar, the candidates' endorsements of Biden ahead of Super Tuesday may make that critical component of the electorate think twice before supporting the only remaining woman in serious contention for the Democratic nomination.














































































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