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None contracted the disease.
Leeches attain lengths of about 0.4 metre in the contracted state.
An estimated 40,000 children contracted polio from Cutter’s vaccine.
“I’m contracted to work about 18 hours a week but usually do about 30 hours.
He contracted two dynastic marriages, the first of which was dissolved.
Italy’s contracted by 4.7% on the heels of a 0.3% fall in the last three months of 2019.
A 9-year-old boy was among the British people who contracted the virus in the ski village.
If symptoms suggest he has may have contracted Zika virus, the recommended duration is six months.
The shame seemed to spread from his anus, which contracted and released and contracted again.
The natural universe, then, is the whole or contracted maximum collectively constituted by the many beings in space and time.
At auction bridge, declarer’s side scores toward game each odd trick that it wins, whether or not it contracted to win such a trick.
When 4 people among a group of 12 volunteers contracted yellow fever in a week though, some decided the money was in no way worth it.
County, said last week that at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, every one person who contracted the virus infected more than three others.
After testing 735 of the 1,041 contacts, the study authors found only 12 had contracted the disease, and only five had contracted it at school.
"We implore Congress to pass the bill to protect 125,000 contracted airport workers and ensure that our airports can continue to operate after this crisis is over."
That is why Nicholas characterized the natural universe as a contracted maximum or “privative” infinite while God remains the “negative” infinite or absolute maximum.
A person — described by CNN as an "older woman" — reportedly contracted the virus without having recently traveled overseas or knowingly coming in contact with any person who had contracted the coronavirus.
Individual specimens are all that exist, but not only are they contracted images of God’s oneness, but also contracted images of their types insofar as each more or less fulfills the possibilities of its nature.
If one assumes that growth in the second quarter was close to zero in America and the euro area, and that Japan contracted sharply, the combined GDPs of the rich economies will have contracted for the first time since late 1990.
Some economists believe this definition of recession is flawed, since an economy would not be in recession if it contracted by 5% in the first quarter, expanded by 0.1% in each of the following two quarters and then contracted again by 5% in the fourth quarter.














































































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