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“How can I be cynical?
I’m cynical about the law.
She never, ever became cynical.
“Woody Allen seems pretty cynical.”
Why is that too cynical?
Catastrophe has been described as a cynical show.
Writing in 1981, John Fox raised a cynical eyebrow:
People became both cynical and complacent about democracy.
“People are so cynical about politics these days,” he said.
Three explanations come to mind: the cynical, the kind and the subconscious.
He brings natural charisma and presence, but the part-sentimental-part-cynical vibe feels wrong.
Have any of your experiences travelling around the world made you more cynical, rather than less?
Havana reacted angrily to what its foreign minister, Bruno Rodríguez, called a “hypocritical and cynical” move.
Chinese leaders are too cynical about elections in the democratic West, and about the lessons that even messy campaigns can offer.
Fabliaux were characterized by vivid detail and realistic observation and were usually comic, coarse, and often cynical, especially in their treatment of women.
If you’re cynical about politics, you’re just likely to be cynical about digital democracy too – just another way for politicians to get what they want.
The broader anti-wall campaigning community — disappointed by successive administrations — is deeply cynical of Biden's promise not to build further border wall, Traphagen said.
"But I think when Fred Rogers first saw children's programming, he saw something that was cynical, and why would you put something that is cynical in front of a two or three-year-old kid?
Dean Bialek, a former Australian diplomat at the UN, now principal adviser at Mission 2020, the group led by former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, said Australia’s diplomatic contribution to the talks was “cynical, irresponsible and ultimately destructive”.
“Instead, even the cynical desperation and callous decadence of Farrell’s Caucasian characters is bled out in favour of jauntily-forced, comedic indulgence, presenting this traumatic period of Singapore’s history as little more than breezy and inconsequential,” the organisation said.














































































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