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  • Feinberg suggested that we can distinguish between “basic” and “derived” deserts.

  • Retinal1 is derived from vitamin A1; retinal2 is derived from vitamin A2.

  • Etymologically, “procrastination” is derived from the Latin verb procrastinare — to put off until tomorrow.

  • A number of bright, geometric paintings derived from philosophical texts are presented with working studies.

  • Water pollination occurs in only a few aquatic plants and is highly complicated and derived.

  • The term himene is derived from “hymn,” but the style includes both traditional Christian hymn texts and traditional Polynesian texts.

  • …or egg), derived from an oocyte (immature egg), and the male sex cell (spermatozoon or sperm), derived from a spermatocyte.

  • At a hedge-fund conference in Florida, Novogratz predicted that medicine derived from psychedelic drugs will be the next "short-term" bubble.

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  • If the values of the bound variables must include Ks, then the theory is ontologically committed to Ks, whether Ks are fundamental or derived.

  • The collection and reinfusion into the heart of bone marrow-derived stem cells within hours of a heart attack may limit the amount of damage incurred by the muscle.

  • The numeration of the Psalms found in the Hebrew Bible and those versions derived from it differs from that in the Septuagint, the Vulgate, and the versions derived from them.

  • …their primary constituents soda, or sodium oxide (Na2O; usually derived from sodium carbonate, or soda ash), and lime, or calcium oxide (CaO; commonly derived from roasted limestone).

  • Supposed by some to be derived from Lammas, at which time it was drunk, and by others to be derived from the similarity between the foam of the drink and the white wool obtained from lambs.

  • And again we may suppose that Speusippus is among them: he would say that the elements, not being so derived, are not beings, and that numbers, derived from those elements, are the first beings.

  • When common-law precedent was inadequate or lacking, he turned to the civil (Roman-derived) law; in the United States, England, and elsewhere, common-law courts citing Kent perforce adopted many principles derived from civil law.

  • Detergents marketed as eco-friendly tend to use more plant-derived, rather than petroleum-derived, ingredients (even though it’s difficult to say whether plant-derived ingredients are always better for the environment).

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  • The name sodium is derived from the Italian soda, a term applied in the Middle Ages to all alkalies; potassium comes from the French potasse, a name used for the residue left in the evaporation of aqueous solutions derived from wood ashes.

  • The answer is that such prophecies can sometimes be derived from a combination of conditional predictions (themselves derived from scientific laws) and existential statements specifying that the conditions in relation to the system being investigated are fulfilled.

  • The oil-soluble resins include rosin, derived along with turpentine from the long-leaf pine and long used for a variety of applications, including soapmaking; copals, used in varnishes; amber, the hardest natural resin, fabricated into jewelry; Oriental lacquer, derived from a tree native to China; and cashew-nutshell oil, derived from cashew nuts.

  • The ALVAC-HIV (vCP2438) priming vaccine used in HVTN 100 is an adaptation of the vCP1521 vector used in RV144 in which the CRF01_AE (subtype E) 92TH023 gp120 env insert was replaced with a subtype C gp120 env derived from strain 96ZM651, linked to the same transmembrane (TM) anchor sequence of gp41 (derived from the subtype B strain LAI) and gag and pro derived from the subtype B strain LAI as in ALVAC-HIV vCP1521.


  • adj all

    - formed or developed from something else; not original

    Example: the belief that classes and organizations are secondary and derived

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