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Or were they designed to be trade barriers?’”
It isn’t designed to be a pre-requisite to online learning.
Designed to give your Apple Watch a classic, yet bold new look.
Current headsets aren't designed to replace the functionality of your smartphone.
An advert is a paid-for message designed to influence consumer purchases.
They are designed to make you not believe the truth even when you are presented with.
Thus, an experimental apparatus can be designed to test a very specific theoretical model.
It's far from being the first tool designed to help you manage your phone through your laptop.
Those residents who can afford it have constructed houses designed to withstand hurricanes, Mr.
They asked rhetorical questions designed to create confusion, to create doubt," argued Naomi Oreskes.
Some smart monitors also track breathing, a feature designed to help give parents more peace of mind.
This Guidance Note is designed to help you select and manage suitable external links to other sites from BBC Online.
"Amazon's last-mile delivery network should be designed to deliver packages safely first, and in a timely manner second.
Vogmasks are patterned facemasks designed to protect against pollution, and are sold by a boutique supplier based in San Francisco.
“Processing plants were no more designed to operate in a pandemic than hospitals were designed to produce pork,’’ Mr.
Instead, it paints them as a composite of body parts designed to be ogled, and a series of private decisions designed to be scrutinised
Your conduct has been punctuated by collapses and shows of distress designed to evoke sympathy where none is merited, designed to manipulate emotion.
The solution, according to the people who do not operate mobile applications designed to fight call spam, is to install a mobile application designed to fight call spam.
His planned talk arrives as the company retires Starhopper, which wasn't designed to fly to space, and constructs Starship Mark 1 — a roughly 18-story vehicle designed to fly around Earth.
China has maintained its position that the camps are "reeducation centers" designed to quell religious extremism and terrorist threats, not facilities designed to extinguish Uighur culture.
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"Chairs in the canteen and common areas have been redistributed, rules for entry, exit, turnstiles, and locker rooms have been revised, and activities that don't comply with the recommended distance guidelines have been suspended," the spokesperson said.
The daily coronavirus briefing press conferences have been a showcase of absent talent.
Had you not been surrounded by other friends, I might have been tempted to introduce a subject, to ask questions, to speak more openly than might have been strictly correct.
In years past the decision would have been clear: She would not have been considered a candidate for relocation and release and would have been humanely euthanized.
About $186 million of the proceeds will be used to finance a portion of the acquisition, $353 million will be used to finance the cost of completing and opening the Taj Mahal and $109.
A spokeswoman for UK Finance , which represents banks and the finance industry, said: “The banking and finance industry can play a central role in delivering a post-Covid economic recovery that is aligned not only to the government’s net-zero target but also to be approached in a fair, just and inclusive way.
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