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  • (For more on the relation between determinism and predictability, see the Encyclopedia entry on Causal Determinism.)

  • Logical determinism doesn’t entail nomological determinism; it might be true even if nomological determinism is false.

  • Determinism is incompatible with free will and moral responsibility because determinism is incompatible with the ability to do otherwise.

  • In the older literature, it was assumed that determinism is the working hypothesis of science, and that to reject determinism is to be against science.

  • The simplest way of treating the issue of determinism in GTR would be to state flatly: determinism fails, frequently, and in some of the most interesting models.

  • It is noteworthy that instead of the traditional use of the term “determinism” (jabr), Khayyam uses the concept of necessity (taklīf) to denote determinism or predestination.

  • It’s an argument for incompatibilism only if it’s an argument for hard determinism—that is, if it’s an argument for the thesis that determinism is true and because of this we are never responsible for anything.

  • While the truth of determinism entails that one’s action is inevitable given the past and laws of nature, there is nothing about determinism that implies that if one had chosen otherwise, then one would not do otherwise.

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  • There are compatibilists who are agnostic about the truth or falsity of determinism, so a compatibilist need not be a soft determinist (someone who believes that it is in fact the case that determinism is true and we have free will).

  • Determinism (without these additional assumptions) does not have the consequence that our “journey” through life is like moving down a road; the contrast between non-determinism and determinism is not the contrast between traveling on a branching road and traveling on a road with no branches.

  • Although some popularized discussions of chaos have claimed that it invalidates determinism, there is nothing inconsistent about systems having the property of unique evolution while exhibiting chaotic behavior (much of the confusion over determinism derives from equating determinism with predictability—see below).

  • This way of understanding determinism is usually called ‘the Entailment definition’ because it says that determinism is a relation of entailment that holds between, on the one hand, statements of law and statements of particular fact at a time, and, on the other hand, statements of particular fact at other times (see also Ginet 1990; Beebee & Mele 2002, and the Encyclopedia entry on causal determinism).


  • noun cognition

    - (philosophy) a philosophical theory holding that all events are inevitable consequences of antecedent sufficient causes; often understood as denying the possibility of free will

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Use determinism in a sentence

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