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  • Banding can also be caused by differing grain sizes of the same minerals.

  • First, it ensures individuals from diverse communities are not held to differing standards to other candidates.

  • Pay differences among tech firms reflect their differing businesses and the differing ways the companies are run.

  • Widely differing methodologies make cross-border comparisons difficult, but the French seem to be best off: over-indebtedness affects only 2% of indebted families.

  • The statement issued by Buckingham Palace and the response from the Sussexes demonstrated the differing perspectives of the two parties.

  • Warp and weft threads used in the same fabric may be of differing diameter, producing such special effects as ribbing or cording in the fabric.

  • The state of human death has always been obscured by mystery and superstition, and its precise definition remains controversial, differing according to culture and legal systems.

  • But there is plenty of evidence that workplace segregation, and men’s and women’s differing career paths, cannot be explained away as a matter of differing preferences.

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  • This resulted from differing national interests, differing interpretations of Marxism, and Chinese resentment over heavy-handed Soviet attempts at control, among other factors.

  • NATO movements on the continent have been hindered by differing conflicting regulations and customs rules, differing road standards, and outdated infrastructure across member states.

  • In actual practices of analysis, which are invariably richer than the accounts that are offered of them, all three conceptions are typically reflected, though to differing degrees and in differing forms.

  • Data analysts say inconsistencies in Russia’s virus statistics suggest manipulation, such as regions reporting similar numbers of new cases for several days in a row, or the number of deaths in regional reports differing from those in federal reports.

  • While both governments will relax restrictions across the island on common principles, there may be times when there are "nuanced differences of approach" as a result of the circumstances in differing jurisdictions or of the timing of decision-making.

  • Differing continental climatic regions reflect the considerable amount of Arctic land, the great spread of temperate conditions, and the small but significant tropical area; dry climates also stand out in strong contrast to the prevailingly humid ones.

  • “Disagreements about money usually come down to differing or conflicting attitudes towards earning, spending, saving and sharing money, so look for the areas where you agree – and disagree – and spot any potential problems before they happen,” he says.

  • The differing views underscore the competing arguments gripping Washington as Congress and the White House begin debating the outlines of another major economic relief bill and whether to inject trillions of additional taxpayer dollars into the economy.

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  • How do we approach the legal and sustainable utilisation of wildlife in an increasingly crowded and interconnected world, where transnational organised criminals target high-value species, and where there are differing perspectives over how wildlife is utilised?

  • Different rejoinders have differing strengths and weaknesses, particularly with respect to the differing pieces of evidence on which character skeptics rely; the phenomena are not unitary, and accommodating them all may preclude a unitary response.

  • Though instances of pairs of thoughts differing in intentional content and differing in phenomenal character provide some evidence for the existence of individuative cognitive phenomenology, in order for the thesis that thought has a individuative phenomenology to be true, there have to be no cases of thoughts that are alike in content but that differ in phenomenal character.

  • Now in these other Worlds, besides that we may suppose that the Original Fabrick … into which the Omniscient Architect at first contriv’d the parts of their matter, was very differing from the structure of our Systeme; besides this, I say, we may conceive that there may be a vast difference betwixt the subsequent Phænomena, and productions observable in one of those Systemes, from what regularly happens in ours, though we should suppose no more, than that two or three Laws of Local Motion may be differing in those unknown Worlds, from the Laws that obtain in ours (BW, 10:172–3, Birch 1772, V:138–139).


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