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  • —that nothing makes them distinct, they just are.

  • Thus the criterion of clear and distinct perception depends…

  • Worse still, in politics - you refer to politicians without saying which ones you despise - liberalism has at least two distinct meanings, one referring to a kind of social outlook, the other an economic orthodoxy, both of which attract distinct sets of supporters.

  • Let us suppose that R1 is distinct from both a and b.

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  • Nor do we know what distinct modes of community would be best for distinct types of persons.

  • If so, evil and wrongdoing are non-quantitatively distinct by being quality of emphasis distinct.

  • Although the tendency has been to classify these groups as distinct orders, they sometimes are placed in the order Neuroptera.

  • The correct view must lie somewhere in between: relations are real, but are not distinct from their subjects in the way one thing is distinct from another.

  • …ideas that are as “clear and distinct” as the cogito must be true, for, if they were not, the cogito also, as a member of the class of clear and distinct ideas, could be doubted.

  • To be a Negro, Du Bois replies, is 1) to be a member of one of three biologically distinct races, and 2) to be a member of one of eight constitutively and causally constructed spiritually distinct races.

  • Because grounding and ontological dependence are distinct, the claim that supervenience is not the same as grounding is distinct from the claim that supervenience is not the same as ontological dependence.

  • Todd Calder (2013) disputes this understanding of what it is for two concepts to be qualitatively distinct, arguing instead that two concepts are qualitatively distinct provided they do not share all of their essential properties.

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  • The difference between them explains our general capacity to imagine morally deviant situations (because imagination is distinct from belief) and our general unwillingness to do so (because imagination is distinct from mere supposition) (2000: 81).

  • If the pot is distinct from the cloth in virtue of possessing the property of cloth-separateness, and the cloth is distinct from the pot in virtue of possessing the property of pot-separateness, then we may ask what is it in virtue of which pot-separateness and cloth-separateness are distinct properties.

  • If a syllogistic argument is (a) arranged according to one of the figures and its mood is productive, (b) it has primary distinct parts (terms) and secondary distinct parts (premises), (c) its premises are true, (d) distinct from and (e) better known than the conclusion, then a true conclusion must follow.

  • It also maintains that each spiritually distinct race, as such, is causally constructed by historical and social factors, for it asserts that each spiritually distinct race causally owes its spiritual distinctiveness (its peculiar message, which dictates its particular historical role) to such factors—specifically, to the common histories, laws, religions, habits of thought, and conscious strivings that have caused it to be the cohesive, spiritually distinct race it is (1897, 54–56).


  • adj all

    - easy to perceive; especially clearly outlined

    Example: a distinct flavor

  • adj all

    - (often followed by `from') not alike; different in nature or quality

    Example: plants of several distinct types

  • adj all

    - constituting a separate entity or part

  • adj all

    - recognizable; marked

    Example: noticed a distinct improvement

  • adj all

    - clearly or sharply defined to the mind

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