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We are not here to do damage.
Structural reforms need not do damage.
“As long as you’re accurate, it’ll do damage,” she said.
And yes, they do damage Cochrane’s reputation, and repel contributors.
I sincerely fear what fate awaits us when they are not there to do damage control.
This is truly horrifying to observe in a man who could possibly do damage to our country in the future.
For many women, these procedures do work to treat prolapse or incontinence; they just do damage elsewhere.
Cherry-picking, in primary research or in reviews, doesn’t even have to be a real gish gallop to do damage.
Regardless, decertification on its own would do damage to America’s already shaky relationship with its European allies.
Although Hizbullah and Hamas may not launch attacks as fiercely as they might have done a year ago, they could still do damage.
Consumers can freeze accounts linked to compromised accounts and devices, but sometimes a moment is all it takes for mischief-makers to do damage.
When Facebook went through crises over inflated video metrics, data privacy, and hate speech, Everson was there to reassure clients and do damage control.
He added: “It’s easy to dismiss as posturing but these kids do damage, they run far-right campaigns, they produce propaganda and they radicalise other kids.”
By undermining the secular principles of the constitution, Mr Modi’s latest initiatives threaten to do damage to India’s democracy that could last for decades.
The dramatic economic slowdown already underway will disrupt trade flows and create unemployment that will do damage at levels that are hard to forecast and grim to contemplate.”
A complex network of bicycle scouts were tasked with moving ahead of the demonstrators to let them know where small groups could break off to do damage out of sight of the police, he added.
Indeed, as the fake video of Trump that spread through social networks in Belgium earlier this year demonstrated, deep fakes don’t need to be undetectable or even convincing to be believed and do damage.
Absolutely not," Schick said, adding that working at the intersection of geopolitics and technology has taught her that "it doesn't have to be terribly sophisticated for it to be effective and do damage."
The intense national focus on Floyd’s death and the responses by top political figures comes about a week after Biden’s campaign had to do damage control after the former vice-president suggested during an interview that anyone who supported Trump isn’t really black.
Claire Wallerstein of Rame Peninsula Beach Care (RPBC) in South East Cornwall said the pellets could do damage to wildlife: “Nurdles float and look a lot like fish eggs, which are a major food source for many species, so they’re actually eaten by many marine creatures.”














































































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