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According to the Principle of Drift,
Such devices drift rapidly, however.
The drift ice is best witnessed between January and April.
Drift experienced 35,475% revenue growth during this time period, ranking it as having the sixth fastest growth.
This challenges statisticalists’ assumptions that drift is purely mathematical.
Philosophical discussions of random genetic drift have been lively and fruitful.
Perhaps, then, indiscriminate sampling is at the core of Godfrey-Smith’s view of drift).
Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, biologists have struggled to detect drift empirically.
Walsh, Lewens, and Ariew (2002) provide a good entrée into understanding a mathematical approach to drift.
Most Irish soils originate from drift, the ice-scoured waste formerly frozen to the base of the advancing glaciers.
As setnets they are anchored or fixed by stakes; as drift nets they drift freely or with a fishing craft.
If from the models alone, are we inadvertently drawing on the measure or operationalization of drift rather than drift itself (Plutynski 2007)?
From January through to April – peak drift ice season – there are numerous activities available including drift ice cruises and ice walking tours.
Matthen (2010) defends a similar characterization of drift: “Departures from expected values are what population geneticists call ‘drift’” (Matthen 2010: 3).
Other challenges to the statisticalists’ claims about drift as a cause neither endorse the view of drift as a force nor drift as a distinct process.
On the other hand, Kenneth Reisman and Patrick Forber (2005) separate the question of whether drift is a force from the question of whether drift is a cause, arguing only for the latter while not taking a stand on the former.
The mathematical-oriented outcome-only definition of drift is often associated with the so-called “statisticalist” approach to evolutionary theory, but since it is simply a definition of drift and not a metaphysical thesis it need not be.
Thanks to Jon Hodge, Charles Pence, Anya Plutynski, and an anonymous referee for extremely helpful comments on an earlier drift, and also to John Beatty, Michael Dietrich, Jon Hodge, and Robert Skipper for ongoing discussions about the nature of drift.
It is possible to make assumptions using the Price Equation such that the drift term quantifies what is quantified by the drift term in type recursions, but nothing about the Price Equation proper forces one to do this, and indeed proponents of the Price Equation, such as Grafen (2000), tout how the drift term in the Price Equation may quantify all sorts of randomness, explicitly including randomness that is not quantifiable as drift in type recursions.
In order to break through the logjam of competing definitions of drift, this entry begins with a brief history of the concept, before examining various philosophical claims about the proper characterization of drift and whether it can be distinguished from natural selection; the relation of drift to debates over statisticalism; whether drift can be detected empirically and if so, how; and the proper understanding of drift as a model and as a (purported) law.














































































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