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  • Wrote the paper: TB MW EG.

  • Singapore, Malaysia: in three parts, eg Lee Kuan Yew.

  • These two types of evil can work together, eg human evil can make natural evil worse.

  • EG was a subsidiary of Good Game Agency, an esports player agency created by former EG CEO Alex Garfield.

  • These two types of evil can work together, eg human evil can make natural evil worse.

  • But Catholic is enough in most overseas contexts, eg Ireland, France, Italy, Latin America

  • Germany has a system of publicly-funded TV stations, eg ARD, ZDF and also lots of privately-funded channels.

  • For example, nouns that end in -e could be either masculine, eg hombre or feminine, eg leche.

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  • Difficult actions (eg Jill’s riding a unicycle) are usually explained by appealing to enabling factors (eg She practiced a lot).

  • The second person, or people, is who you’re talking to (eg, you) and the third person, or people, is who you’re talking about (eg, he, she, they).

  • Many were monastery infirmaries, eg Tintern, Valle Crucis and Strata Florida, or other religious houses, eg the Franciscan friaries in Cardiff and Bangor.

  • Some of the vocabulary is deliberately archaic (eg 'strown', 'wax’d') and some of the word order also seems old-fashioned (eg 'their hearts but once heaved' rather than ‘their hearts heaved once’).

  • Performers might interact with the audience, eg through direct address or audience participation , but most of the time the performer to audience relationship is built more subtly, eg through eye contact and the use of space.

  • As a general rule: -y is an English suffix, whose function is to create an adjective (usually from a noun, eg creamy); -ie was originally a Scottish suffix, whose function is to add the meaning of “diminutive” (usually from a noun, eg beastie).

  • act uc when using full name, eg Criminal Justice Act 1998, Official Secrets Act; but lc on second reference, eg “the act”, and when speaking in more general terms, eg “we need a radical freedom of information act”; bills remain lc until passed into law

  • Landforms at a divergent plate boundary include ocean ridges, eg the Mid-Atlantic ridge (where the Eurasian plate and the North Atlantic plate are moving apart from each other under the Atlantic Ocean), rift valleys eg the East African Rift Valley and shield volcanoes.

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  • A brief explanation: long odds (eg 100-1 against, normally expressed as 100-1) mean something unlikely; shorter odds (eg 10-1) still mean it’s unlikely, but less unlikely; odds on (eg 2-1 on, sometimes expressed as 1-2) means it is likely, so if you were betting £2 you would win only £1 plus the stake.

  • enclave a piece of land totally surrounded by a foreign territory, eg San Marino and Vatican City, both enclaved within Italy; an exclave is politically attached to a larger piece of land but not physically conterminous with it because of surrounding foreign territory, eg the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhichivan, which is is bounded by Armenia, Iran and Turkey

  • The very nature of the study restricts its generalisability; the MetaBLIND study could not include subject areas with only blinded trials (eg, interventions and areas of medicine where blinding was deemed essential and the effect of blinding might have been most pronounced) or only non-blinded trials (eg, interventions that by nature were not amenable to blinding).

  • Do not use hyphens after adverbs ending in -ly, eg a hotly disputed penalty, a constantly evolving newspaper, genetically modified food, etc, but hyphens are needed with short and common adverbs, eg ever-forgiving family, much-loved character, well-established principle of style (note, however, that in the construction “the principles of style are well established” there is no need to hyphenate). - When an adverb can also be an adjective (eg hard), the hyphen is required to avoid ambiguity – it’s not a hard, pressed person, but a hard-pressed one; an ill-prepared report, rather than an ill, prepared one.


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