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  • Shannon et al. (1981), and DeFilippo v.

  • Börger et al. 1997; Hodkinson et al. 2000).

  • Current selection for high impact results over high quality science encourages us to compromise scientific integrity for the sake of academic impact (Anderson et al. 2007; De Rond et al. 2005; Fanelli 2012; Nosek et al. 2012; Steneck 2006).

  • ., Rosen & Smith 2010; Challender 2011; Milliken & Shaw 2012; NTCA 2012; Underwood et al. 2013) and there is growing recognition that existing interventions maybe insufficient to curb poaching (e.g., Drury 2011; Verissimo et al. 2012; Biggs et al. 2013).

  • ., Alberghina & Westerhoff 2005; Boogerd et al. 2005, 2007; Emmeche et al. 2000; Kolodkin et al. 2011).

  • For instance, viewing the body part that is touched (without viewing the touching object) enhances tactile acuity and accuracy (Tipper et al., 1998; Kennett et al., 2001).

  • Nichols & Knobe 2007; Nichols 2004; Deery et al. 2013; Sarkissian et al. 2010; Nahmias et al. 2005; Nahmias et al. 2007; Murray & Nahmias 2014).

  • Burgess (1980); Emerson and Sistla (1984); Gurevich and Shelah (1985); Emerson and Halpern (1985); Emerson (1990); Goldblatt (1992); Gabbay et al. (1994); Finger et al. (2002); and Demri et al. (2016).

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  • As well, if tutoring is aimed specifically at training interpersonal skills, implementation of life-like characters (virtual humans) becomes an indispensable part of system development (e.g., Core et al. 2006; Campbell et al. 2011).

  • Ambitious projects within systems biology such as the Virtual Physiological Human raise intriguing questions about how computational modeling will influence future biomedical research (Kohl & Noble 2009; Kolodkin et al. 2011; Hunter et al. 2013).

  • Sources: “Food systems are responsible for a third of global anthropogenic GHG emissions”, by Crippa et al., 2021; “Global greenhouse gas emissions from animal-based foods are twice those of plant-based foods”, by Xu et al., 2021; Quantis; Heller et al., 2018; J.

  • For further references on temporal logics, see the overviews in Venema (2001) and Müller (2011), as well as the detailed bibliographies in Rescher and Urquhart (1971); Øhrstrøm and Hasle (1995); Gabbay et al. (1994); Fisher et al. (2005); Baier and Katoen (2008); and Demri et al. (2016).

  • Alongside businesses and consumers, researchers have begun utilizing cloud computing platforms and services to assist in various tasks, including subject recruitment, data collection and storage, large-scale data processing, as well as communication and collaboration (Allan 2011; Chen et al. 2010; Simmhan et al. 2008; Yogesh et al. 2009).

  • (CA2) comprises scientific applications of CA to the modelling of specific problems—to mention just a few: urban evolution (Batty 2005), Ising models (Creutz 1986), neural networks (Franceschetti, et al. 1992: 124–128), lattice fluids (Barberousse & Imbert 2013), bioinformatics (Xiao et al. 2011), and even turbulence phenomena (Chen et al. 1983).

  • Experimental philosophers have designed improved scales for measuring belief in free will (Nadelhoffer et al. 2014; Deery et al. 2015), they have investigated the role of the desire to punish in attributing free will (Clark et al. 2014), and they have examined the impact of the belief in free will on moral behavior (Baumeister et al. 2009).

  • Early computer systems for proving theorems of Church’s type theory (or extensions of it) include HOL (Gordon 1988; Gordon & Melham 1993), TPS (Andrews et al. 1996; Andrews & Brown 2006), Isabelle (Paulson 1988, 1990), PVS (Owre et al. 1996; Shankar 2001), IMPS (Farmer et al. 1993), HOL Light (Harrison 1996), OMEGA (Siekmann et al. 2006), and λClam (Richardson et al. 1998).

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  • Newer studies provide evidence for the incorporation of external stimuli in dreams, including light flashes, sounds, sprays of water applied to the skin (Dement & Wolpert 1958), thermal (Baldridge 1966), electrical (Koulack 1969), and verbal stimuli (Berger 1963; Breger et al. 1971; Hoelscher et al., 1981), as well as blood pressure cuff stimulation on the leg (Nielsen et al. 1995; Sauvageau et al. 1998).

  • Although Maritain did not produce a text that provided a comprehensive statement of his metaphysics, his major contributions to the area are found in Sept leçons sur l’être et les premiers principes de la raison spéculative (1934, A Preface to Metaphysics: Seven Lectures on Being), the Court traité de l’existence et de l’existant (1947, Existence and the Existent) , and De Bergson à Thomas d’Aquin, essais de métaphysique et de morale (1944).

  • Each of the five conferences, and each edited volume that arose from it, was devoted to an area of natural science and its interaction with religion, including quantum cosmology (1992, Russell et al. 1993), chaos and complexity (1994, Russell et al. 1995), evolutionary and molecular biology (1996, Russell et al. 1998), neuroscience and the person (1998, Russell et al. 2000), and quantum mechanics (2000, Russell et al. 2001).

  • The best place to get a feel for this subject is the proceedings of the meetings that are now held every other year: see Brachman et al. 1989, Allen et al. 1991, Nebel et al. 1992, Doyle et al. 1994, Aiello et al. 1996, Cohn et al. 1998, Cohn et al. 2000, Fensel et al. 2002, Dubois et al. 2004, Doherty et al. 2006, Brewka & Lang 2008, Lin et al. 2010, Eiter et al. 2012, Baral et al. 2012, and Baral et al. 2016.


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