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  • But Discovery still has a lot of explaining to do.

  • Explaining why is a problem for all hierarchical views.

  • Timelines have long been a favoured way of retelling stories and explaining historical events.

  • Once the pictures had been narrowed down, Dangin began explaining to Demarchelier his concept for organizing the show.

  • Explaining the origin of Jupiter and its satellites is part of the problem of explaining the origin of the solar system.

  • A third approach to explaining the universe’s accelerating expansion is to fiddle with general relativity itself, by changing the inverse-square law of gravity.

  • “Gavin had trouble explaining to me how hard for him it was to be with her when she was dying, and I had trouble explaining to him how much I needed him,” she said.

  • But explaining why something exists rather than something else or than nothing and why it is as it is gives additional explanatory power in explaining why a universe exists at all.

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  • One striking feature of the disputes about these proposals is that each of these proposals makes sense of one class of them but has difficulty explaining—or explaining away—certain others of them.

  • There is more to explaining our capacity to represent non-existent objects than explaining how misrepresentation is possible but explaining how misrepresentation is possible is a start.

  • One way out of this problem for the proponent of Nagel-type reductions is to make a distinction between explaining a theory (or explaining the laws of a given theory) and explaining it away.

  • That is, the problem of explaining the nature of legal norms (obligations, rights, etc.) can be addressed by explaining the meaning or the use of the normative words that are used in law (‘obligation’, ‘right’,…).

  • However, Assistant Chief Constable Scott Hall said: "Throughout the pandemic, officers have been engaging with communities, explaining the regulations which are in place, encouraging people to follow them – and where necessary taking enforcement action.

  • House continued: “I have viewed all the available video material of that interaction and I have read their statements – the officers acted professionally and politely, explaining why the stop was made and, when realising there was a mistake, explaining this.”

  • Al-Kindi’s corpus includes several treatises on cosmology, explaining and defending a picture of the cosmos as four concentric circles of elements, which are mixed together by the outer, heavenly spheres to yield complex compound substances like minerals, plants, and animals.

  • Explaining logical consequence in terms of truth in models is rather close to explaining logical consequence in terms of truth, and the analysis of truth-in-a-model is sometimes taken to be an explication of truth in terms of correspondence, a typically Realist notion.

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  • The epochal shift needs to be parents explaining sex to kids as early as is appropriate and possible, and, today, also explaining porn – which can be easily done, dialled up or down depending on the child’s age, as “You know when we watch movies and TV we see things that aren’t real?

  • The three that stand out are: (1) the problem of explaining what differentiates a unified complex entity from a mere aggregate of its constituents; (2) the problem of explaining how exactly it is that relations relate; and (3) the problem of explaining how the specific complex comes into existence.

  • Instead of explaining the existence of consciousness in the biological world, they set themselves to explaining generic consciousness by identifying neural properties that can turn consciousness on and off and explaining specific consciousness by identifying the neural representational basis of conscious contents.

  • She’s Jo Hopper with her plain redhead’s face stretched on this fleshy female’s face and he’s the artist but also the lover and last week he came to take her out to Delmonico’s but in this dim-lit room they’d made love in her bed and never got out until too late and she’d overheard him on the phone explaining—there’s the sound of a man’s voice explaining to a wife that is so callow, so craven, she’s sick with contempt recalling.


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