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  • Older textbooks frequently included formulas especially suited to logarithmic calculation.

  • Each ēchos had its own formulas, though some formulas occurred in more than one ēchos.

  • He then used the primitive recursive functions to encode formulas and even sequences of formulas by numbers.

  • The Freedom line of grain-free formulas contains ten recipes and the Basics line of limited ingredient formulas contains nine.

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  • Let A and B be contingent formulas of classical propositional logic, i.e., formulas that are neither constantly false nor constantly true.

  • Although the application of the LK rules affect logic formulas, the rules are seen as manipulating not logic formulas themselves but sequents.

  • If a certain property holds of the atomic formulas and is closed under the operations presented in clauses (2)–(7), then the property holds of all formulas.

  • Moreover, Σ01-induction can be shown (Paris and Kirby 1978) to be equivalent to the induction scheme restricted to (roughly) purely universal formulas (Π01-formulas).

  • A theorem within such a system is a formula capable of proof through a finite sequence of well-formed formulas, each of which either is an axiom or is inferred from earlier formulas.

  • Certain conventions for drawing projection formulas have been adopted so that stereoisomers can be distinguished from one another by means of appropriate differences in their formulas.

  • Given an interpretation I for L and an assignment f, the notion of truth at a world (under I and f) for formulas φ of L is then defined recursively for all of the formulas of the language.

  • This is simply a notational technique derived from computer science that provides a recursive definition of the formulas deemed grammatically “correct”, i.e., the set of well-formed formulas:

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  • Any ordinary modal formula expresses a monadic second-order property on frames, and it is well-known that for some modal formulas, including what are called Sahlqvist formulas, the second-order property is equivalent to a first-order property.

  • Typically such semantics determine the truth-values of atomic formulas in two different ways: a Tarksi-style calculation for formulas whose terms all refer, and a separate truth-value assignment for empty-termed atomic formulas.

  • Bill Gates — who has been accused of withholding vaccine formulas — previously said that complications with increased vaccine production could be attributed to difficulties related to creating vaccines in untested facilities (more so than issues with intellectual property laws that could be preventing vaccine formulas from being shared).

  • Actually, a simple special case of ω-consistency suffices here; namely, the assumption is only needed with respect to what logicians call Σ01-formulas; these are, roughly, the purely existential formulas; more exactly, formulas of the form ∃x1∃x2…∃xnA, where A does not contain any unbounded quantifiers (A may contain bounded universal quantifiers ∀x < t and bounded existential quantifiers ∃x < t).


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