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  • But whales may also harbour tumour-fighting genes unknown to science.

  • The operator genes are themselves controlled by regulator genes.

  • Scientists are now searching for disease associated genes within the human genome .

  • And while all tissues contain all our genes, all our genes are not switched on in all our tissues.

  • In vertebrates, these genes are commonly referred to as HOX genes.

  • Shell genome (15–95%) 792 genes, and cloud genes (0–15%) 4315 genes (Fig 2A and 2B).

  • Since the mutant genes are not alleles, the child becomes heterozygous for the two genes and hears normally.

  • Operator genes contain the code necessary to begin the process of transcribing the DNA message of one or more structural genes into mRNA.

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  • Operator genes contain the code necessary to begin the process of transcribing the DNA message of one or more structural genes into mRNA.

  • Humans, mice, and other mammals have 38 Hox genes arranged in four clusters, three with 9 genes each and one with 11 genes.

  • The mitochondria (in animals) and the chloroplasts (in plants) also contain small subsets of genes distinct from the genes found in the nucleus.

  • MHC genes also affect body odour, so it is no surprise that many species of animal choose, on the basis of odour, mates with dissimilar MHC genes.

  • In humans, for example, the X, or female-determining, chromosome carries many genes, whereas the Y, or male-determining, chromosome is deficient in genes.

  • For example, whereas the human genome contains an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 genes, the genome of the bacterium Escherichia coli O157:H7 houses precisely 5,416 genes.

  • An individual carrying genes that promote altruism might be expected to die younger than one with “selfish” genes, and thus to have a reduced contribution to the next generation's genetic pool.

  • (B) Heatmap showing expression levels of 148 genes that were likely helminth-dependent and (C) boxplots highlighting the expression patterns for five of these genes with a role in helminth immunity.

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  • These theoretical explanations did not depend on ideas about what genes are, how genes are replicated, what genes do, or how differences in genes bring about differences in phenotypic traits.

  • To examine whether the plastic responses in gene expression are adaptive, we tested if significantly up-regulated genes were under more positive and significantly down-regulated genes under more negative selection than non-responding genes.

  • However, a heat map of the MYO5B mutation associated genes (21 genes out of 29 genes were present and expressed on the array) revealed that the expression of these genes discriminates between the two classical expression subtypes of PPGLs (S3A Fig).

  • Their research, published in the English scientific journal Nature in 1980, generated the widely accepted model that three sets of genes control subdivision in the developing embryo: gap genes, a blueprint for general body development; pair-rule genes, which subdivide these general regions into body segments; and segment-polarity genes, which affect specific structures within these segments.


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