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Adik has cheated your gullible ass, hasn’t he?
In their view, parents who permitted vaccination were gullible toadies of status quo medicine.
A lot of dumb, deluded, ignorant, gullible & xenophobic people voted for it and ruined the country.
To con $35 out of a gullible westerner, many Sudanese would be happy to wear shackles for a few hours.
The show's producers 'absolutely refute' the judge's claim that the show exploits 'the foolish and gullible'.
A lot of dumb, deluded, ignorant & gullible people invested a lot of money in it and their lives were ruined by it.
If James got caught he should claim to be an idiot who believed a stupid story—a gullible kid who’d only passed on what he’d been told.
The implausibly gullible teen characters still scream, the red herrings are still obvious, and we still know how it’s all going to end.
No amount of money or effort will be spared to ensure the wealthy promoters of Brexit will get even wealthier while the gullible populace get poorer.
A conglomerate of Swedish billionaires is amassing untold riches by selling cheap, unassembled particleboard to millions of gullible morons who want a nicer home.
The Balloon Hoax of 1844, originally published in the New York Sun, is but one example of Poe’s ability to provide meticulous technical descriptions intended to mislead and impress the gullible.
A gullible greedy buyer (probably an Asian with a South African passport) will purchase the remaining South African rhinos on the expectation that they will continue to breed and create more profit.
It is kind of funny if Western gullible idiots want to boycott Apple over questionable conditions in Foxconn factories while the Chinese themselves are hungry for Apple more than any nation on the planet.
Set on a steamboat traveling on the Mississippi River, the work is an episodic series of vignettes of various passengers—some dupes, some tricksters—who represent a gullible American public that can be deceived by charlatans and by the lure of easy money.
As gullible as that sounds, her heartfelt account, with its hints for other simultaneously afflicted parents – “make it your child’s job to take your temperature” – seemed if anything to overshare about domestic life with Dominic Cummings and little Cedd.
CLINTON: Oh, what an amusing moment of miscomprehension I just experienced, yet another tendency I share with normal people who often hear slanderous accusations on certain televised and talk-radio shows and believe them wholesale—those gullible, ungrateful U.S. voters!
First, imaginary painting, then imaginary breakfast and so on—the happy life of a pauper, except that this pauper, exhausted and downhearted after a sleepless night, couldn’t feel much happiness and scolded himself for being a gullible sap who had lost everything twice.
Beyond that, we need an exhaustive investigation of every single person who entered the Capitol, to determine if foreign intelligence agents or other bad actors took advantage of the chaos — even if they looked like the gullible types who arguably got caught up naively in an insurrection.
We’ll just say that he was one of the many gullible souls who were promised a fortune for their little apartments, their only property, and who woke up the next morning on a bench in a park, trying to remember what had happened and why their apartments were sporting new locks and curtains.
As more and more giant accounts chimed in — Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Apple — it quickly became apparent the tweets were part of a coordinated attack, although it wasn’t immediately clear who was behind it, how it was perpetrated or whether it had a purpose beyond bilking some gullible Twitter users out of cryptocurrency.














































































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