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Then I had a hunch.
Hannity that he had a hunch the fatality rate was lower.
TikTok's website confirms Omorogbe's hunch about what gets a video trending.
This probably makes me a prime candidate for Hackwatch and yet a small hunch says I'm not alone.
Now let's assume that your hunch was correct and the share price for XYZ drops to $80.
It sounded as if he were substituting his uneducated “hunch” for the judgment of professionals.
Tidmarsh focuses on “uncoiling” our bodies, which he says spend too much time in an unnatural and unhealthy hunch.
Fowler’s hunch seems to me accurate as a reflection of how contemporary English speakers feel about further and farther.
A paternity test, two months after their daughter was born, had confirmed her hunch - the little girl was not her husband's child.
These Airbnb homes garnered the most "saves" to travelers' wish lists and we have a hunch they're about to be saved to your favorites, too.
However, my hunch is that large commercial and industrial companies will put a priority on better ventilation, as one step in containing coronavirus infections.
He could tell that I was in the grip of a hunch, and hunches were always among the first considerations ruled out by the procedural practices of Detective John Ganz.
Pascoe said he had a hunch it would be his breakthrough, less because of his own talent than because Australia was, as he was, grappling with the legacy of the past.
To prove their hunch, Marshall deliberately downed a pint of foaming helicobacter broth that he’d grown in his lab after isolating it from the stomach of one of his patients.
Richard Feldman (Juilliard): “My hunch—and it can only be a hunch—is that the persona is a complete creation, complete unto itself and almost without volition.
Yet Willer had a hunch that because white incomes have declined, some of the white participants in the experiment might feel that white households are losing their relative advantage in the U.S. economy.
However, locking landlords into three-year tenancies significantly increases the risk in what is already a very risky business, so if the Government pushes ahead with this proposal, my hunch is that there will be fewer rental homes available and rents will rise.
His comments came as Donald Trump was chastised for attempting to play down the threat of the virus by telling Fox News he had “a hunch” the 2 to 3 per cent mortality rate associated with the virus was “a false number” while incorrectly calling the disease a flu.
“We have always had a hunch that some people may have been born with a genetic profile that predisposes them to obesity, and we now confirm that this is both true and quantifiable,” said Dr Amit Khera, one of the authors and a cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.
Sam Riley gives a superb performance as Ian Curtis, intuitively recreating his on-stage mannerisms, from the stock-still hunch over the mic, with eyelids lowered, to the crazy, elbows akimbo running on the spot routine, which like nothing else made him look like some sort of visionary outpatient.














































































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