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  • And yet the question What is the “proper” meaning of “implies”?

  • A score of zero implies that income is shared equally; 100 implies that one person scoops the lot.

  • If the roof defines a horizontal datum, a kind of artificial reference: to be on top of it implies a total exposure to the cliff; to be under that level implies a moment of partial detachment, of introspection and seclusion.

  • The conclusion of the lesson was that “to take” implies that one is retrieving what has been stolen and is a phrase of power, whereas “to give” implies that freedom is not an inherent trait but rather a state to be bestowed by a benefactor.

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  • For example, it implies that we never have reason to endure pain for the sake of pleasure or any other good.

  • They may defend ‘ought’ implies ‘can’, but hold that it is a substantive normative principle, not a conceptual truth.

  • Naturally this implies consistency and follows from the assumption that the natural numbers satisfy the axioms of Peano arithmetic.

  • And second, the principle that ought implies the possibility of violation; there would seem to be no point to forbidding impossible things.

  • If knowledge implies justified belief, as is traditionally supposed, then skepticism about justified moral belief implies skepticism about moral knowledge.

  • A moment of reflection shows that first postulate implies the characteristic discreteness of quantum theory, the second implies Heisenberg’s uncertainties.

  • Separability implies that A and B have separate real physical states, and locality implies that the measurement performed on A cannot influence B’s real physical state.

  • If this is indeed the case we have — recalling that KS establish that QM & VD & NC implies a contradiction — an argument for the claim that QM alone implies contextuality.

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  • warn “Warns” implies that a genuine warning is being made, but is inappropriate, say, when it is just political point-scoring or making a threat eg “The RBS chief warned that a yes vote would wreck Scotland’s economy” implies a degree of disinterest that is misplaced.

  • .); (P2) is the principle that “ought implies permitted” (RW I, 236); (P3) is a kind of combination principle for ought (RW I, 229 f.); (P4) is the “ought implies can” principle (RW I, 230, 257, RW IV, 214, and WL II, 348); and (P5) is a deontic entailment principle (RW I, 229, WL II, 339, 348).

  • ., there is at least one pair of alternatives x, y ∈ X such that, for every profile , xPiy implies xPy, and yPix implies yPx, and at least one pair of alternatives x*, y* ∈ X such that, for every profile , x*Pjy* implies x*Py*, and y*Pjx* implies y*Px*.

  • By tying meaning and belief to truth, this sort of foundational theory of meaning implies that it is impossible for anyone who speaks a meaningful language to be radically mistaken about the nature of the world; and this implies that certain levels of radical disagreement between a pair of speakers or communities will also be impossible (since the beliefs of each community must be, by and large, true).


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    Use implies in a sentence

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