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  • "Currently, the proportion of expensive markets is about 15%, implying that 85% of assets are fair to cheap."

  • Trump disparaged Mexicans and immigrants during his electoral campaign, implying they were criminals, rapists and killers.

  • Its overall budget is just over £30bn a year, implying that nearly 7% of its budget goes on supporting care-experienced children and adults.

  • Businesses must build up party organizations, the guidelines said, implying that internal Communist Party committees will be more active in companies.

  • Implying that people can only enjoy body confidence and an aspirational lifestyle by undergoing cosmetic surgery is dangerous and unacceptable.

  • But fertility had fallen more slowly in Yicheng, implying that some parents in other parts of China, given the chance, would have had more than one child.

  • “Reaffirming the foundational treaties, without reaffirming the follow up treaties and treaty bodies, risks implying that those things are not essential.”

  • Analyst comment: "BLMN one month implied volatility of 64 is only in the 36th percentile relative to the past year, implying little positioning ahead of earnings.

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  • However, in January, the US prosecutor Geoffrey Berman gave a public statement implying there had been “zero cooperation” with the investigation from Prince Andrew.

  • Of course, there are also theists who interpret Genesis metaphorically as implying that the universe was created, but not indicating a specific age for the universe.

  • To say that the police action in Ferguson would be “more at home in a 3rd world dictatorship than the US heartland” is to risk implying that repression is “at home” anywhere.

  • Shorthose says she feels that those with underlying health conditions are being dismissed as “only those people” implying they are a small and insignificant minority who are inevitable victims of such outbreaks.

  • It also contributes to the idea of “merit-based immigration” Donald Trump and Republicans have touted, implying only these types of educated and financially successful immigrants have a place in America rather than allowing for a more diverse population.

  • According to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), eight viewers complained that the advert perpetuated harmful gender stereotypes by depicting men in roles that were stereotypically male and implying that only men are interested in technology and computers.

  • Fox News host Tucker Carlson started a segment Monday night by questioning the integrity of a prominent consultant leading vaccine hesitant focus groups, and he ended it by implying House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is "violating House ethics rules."

  • In late February, Facebook initially banned ads claiming to cure the coronavirus disease, specifically those that "refer to the coronavirus and create a sense of urgency, like implying a limited supply, or guaranteeing a cure or prevention," the company told Business Insider.

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  • Lomburg is right on the misleading headline (implying it was about deaths due to climate change, when actually 90% of the deaths numbers related to the "carbon economy") - I'd spotted that immediately on reading the press release (see my tweets - @richardabetts - of 26th Sept)

  • During a White House roundtable discussion with law enforcement and people reflecting on their "positive experience" with police, the president repeated that coronavirus testing is a "double-edged sword" – implying that the discovery and spread of the disease also negatively impacts him.

  • Many postmodernists deny that there are aspects of reality that are objective or that there are statements about reality that are objectively true or false (implying metaphysical relativism), that it is possible to have knowledge of such statements (implying epistemological skepticism or relativism), and that there are objective, or absolute, moral truths or values (implying ethical subjectivism or relativism).

  • This Constitution theory has been criticized as underdeveloped, unclear in its aims, unintelligible, incompatible with self-evident truths, unorthodox relative to Roman Catholicism, polytheistic and not monotheistic, not truly trinitarian, out of step with the broad historical catholic tradition, implying that the persons of the Trinity can't simultaneously differ in intrinsic properties, and as wrongly implying that terms like “God” are systematically ambiguous (Craig 2005; Hasker 2010b; Hughes 2009; Pruss 2009, Tuggy 2013a).


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