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  • In some instances, customers are trapped in their parking spots.

  • Note first that all known instances of GC (and indeed all instances it is possible to know) are—in an important sense—small.

  • "In those cases, yes, some of them would have had to take a pay cut, in some instances sizeable and in some instances not so much.

  • When new instances come online, they run the same Ansible playbook to configure themselves as well, so all instances end up looking exactly the same.

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  • We take IOP to say that each paradigmatic phenomenal property has an associated intentional content such that, necessarily, all instances of the property have this associated content.

  • Since the instances of (ES-prop) are a collection of particular propositions and (Conjunction) is a universal generalization, it is not possible to derive (Conjunction) from the instances of (ES-prop).

  • In contrast, observer bees more often pulled a string alone when paired with a less experienced bee (72 RPa instances) than when paired with a more experienced observer bee or a seeded demonstrator (27 RPa instances).

  • In Gelukpa textbooks, universals and specific instances are defined in terms of each other: a universal is something instantiated by its instances, the instances are what is subsumed by a kind, or universal.

  • But in those early weeks there will have been some instances where people may have been discharged who were asymptomatic, there may have been some – a small number of instances – where they may have been showing symptoms but would have been isolating.

  • The written answer says that of the 535 instances, 19 are duplicate entries, meaning that some incidents will have been recorded on more than one occasion likely because of the incomplete nature of reporting, and the number of known instances is at least 516.

  • It appears, then, that this idea of a necessary connexion among events arises from a number of similar instances which occur of the constant conjunction of these events; nor can that idea ever be suggested by any one of these instances, surveyed in all possible lights and positions.

  • By contrast, instances of the following schema, giving the treatment of “whether φ or ψ ” in Lewis (1982) for Boolean φ, ψ (though not in general, as explained in the last paragraph of note 51 below), would only be diagonally equivalent to the corresponding instances of the above pair:

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  • Instances in which a creature entertains the hypothesis that “X” means X, instances in which the creature entertains the hypothesis that “X” means Y, instances in which the creature straightforwardly uses “X” to mean X, and instances in which the creature straightforwardly uses “X” to mean Y are thoroughly intermingled.

  • …Bacon’s method, as explained in Novum Organum (1620; “New Instrument”), consisted of three main steps: first, a description of facts; second, a tabulation, or classification, of those facts into three categories—instances of the presence of the characteristic under investigation, instances of its absence, or instances of its presence in varying…

  • nOps, a machine-learning platform that nClouds developed and then spun off into a separate company, cuts down on expenditures by automatically performing tasks like uncovering underutilized resources, including over specified capacity and "zombie instances" — cloud instances that were launched and are no longer being used, but are active and generating costs just the same.

  • This innovative feature of fusion emergentism — the destruction of the basal property instances once they are fused into the emergent property instance — is what enables the emergent property instances to escape worries about their being causally superfluous (the causal exclusion worry that we will discuss in 3.3.1), since the fused property instances, which are the emergence bases of the emergent property instance resulting from fusion, are no longer present to compete causally with the emergent property instance.


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