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  • Examination of the table and preference orderings confirms that we again have an intrapersonal PD.

  • Prodigies usually display only one of the multiple intelligences proposed by the American psychologist Howard Gardner—linguistic, mathematical-logical, spatial-visual, musical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, or naturalistic.

  • The main case of intrapersonal intrasource inconsistency has been mentioned previously—the case of paradoxes.

  • This renders intrapersonal level and unit comparisons meaningful, but rules out interpersonal comparisons and zero comparisons.

  • Arrow's view, as noted, is that only intrapersonal level comparisons are meaningful, while all other kinds of comparisons are not.

  • Still others have suggested mixed models, according to which forgiveness has both interpersonal and intrapersonal modes or aspects.

  • As Shoemaker notes (1982, 327), a case of intrapersonal (or intrasubjective) spectrum inversion appears to have been first discussed by Wittgenstein:

  • The nature of moral problems, according to Stevenson, lies in the subjective experiences of those engaged in interpersonal moral disagreement and intrapersonal moral uncertainty.

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  • As we saw in subsection 2.3.3, the Inverted Earth scenario is designed to avoid certain objections to the usual argument from intrapersonal inversion hypotheses to interpersonal inversion hypotheses.

  • But as we'll see below, Stevenson focuses on methodology and procedure precisely because he aims to describe in some detail how language is and can be used to resolve interpersonal moral disagreement and intrapersonal moral uncertainty.

  • Smilansky and other proponents of illusionism go on to argue that while our commonplace beliefs in free will and desert-entailing moral responsibility are illusions, if people were to accept this truth there would be wide-reaching negative intrapersonal and interpersonal consequences.

  • Examples of other such aggregation problems to which Arrow's theorem has been applied include: intrapersonal aggregation problems (e.g., May 1954; Hurley 1985), constraint aggregation in optimality theory in linguistics (e.g., Harbour and List 2000), theory choice (e.g., Okasha 2011; cf.

  • Although Wittgenstein seems to have thought that a behaviorally undetectable interpersonal spectrum inversion scenario is not possible (arguably for verificationist reasons), Shoemaker claims that once the possibility of a Wittgensteinian intrapersonal inversion is granted, there is an inexorable slide to the possibility of a behaviorally undetectable interpersonal scenario:

  • He detailed instead a more complex paradigm in which human intelligence comprises eight or more relatively autonomous intellectual capacities: logical-mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence (the capacity to understand oneself), and naturalist intelligence (the ability to recognize and make use of certain aspects of the environment).


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