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So keep an open mind.
"We need to keep an open mind.
However, we continue to keep an open mind and enquiries continue.”
When I raised my doubts, Rachel implored me to “keep an open mind”.
“We have to keep an open mind.
The only way forward is to keep an open mind, and to follow the data.
Until then, the shareholders, and The Economist, should keep an open mind.
And they may need to keep an open mind about which products they'll have to use.
His lawyer, Gregory Vega, told reporters, “We hope the public will keep an open mind.”
You had to keep an open mind, she said, otherwise the young would think you were past it.
As John Maynard Keynes might have said: “When the facts are unclear, I keep an open mind.
She tells couples to keep an open mind when one person is telling their side of the story.
Likewise, if you’re hoping to get a tasty deal on a laptop or TV, it helps to keep an open mind.
“You need to be able to ask questions and keep an open mind, or you won’t get the breakthroughs,” she says.
“We need to keep an open mind about how (much) longer immunocompromised patients could pose an infection risk to others.”
But even if blood oxygen measurement sounds gimmicky today, it’s important to keep an open mind about how new health-monitoring technologies might benefit us in the future.
The embattled leader said the government would keepan open mind” and she would “adopt a sincere and humble attitude in accepting criticism” over her handling of the issue.
Satyagraha, literally translated as “holding fast to truth,” obliged protesters to “always keep an open mind and be ever ready to find that what we believed to be truth was, after all, untruth.”
Bank of America also added that, encouraged by hopeful signs in the fight against the pandemic, it would keep an open mind toward circumstances that might permit an in-person experience in some capacity at a later date.
A new study for Best for Britain, which urges people to keep an open mind on Brexit, found that Labour won many seats because of anti-Tory voting by Remainers – even in areas where a majority backed Leave in the referendum.














































































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