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  • What is known, and how it is known, reflects the situation and perspective of the knower.

  • Some are known and some are not known, but they’re known within their field as being the best.

  • Similarly, the law of cosines is appropriate when two sides and an included angle are known or three sides are known.

  • He appeared to Maryam (who is known as Mary in Christianity) to tell her she was pregnant with Isa (known as Jesus in Christianity).

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  • The chorus known in English as “He Watching over Israel” is Elijah’s best-known excerpt and is frequently performed separately from the rest of the oratorio.

  • Condition (iii) is crucial for distinguishing transmission of justification across (known) entailment from closure of justification across (known) entailment.

  • The Scottish Gaelic word is said to be linked to a mythical creature known as the Gille Dubh (also known as the Ghillie Dhu) who dressed in leaves and other foliage.

  • The best-known species in North America is the common water hemlock (C. maculata), also known as cowbane or musquash root, which grows to about 2.5 metres (8 feet) tall.

  • “Better known” has sometimes been interpreted simply as “previously known to the knower of the demonstration” (i.e., already known in advance of the demonstration).

  • That view would, of course, come in two flavors: theistic gnosticism—the view that theism is known (and hence atheism is not)—and atheistic gnosticism—the view that atheism is known (and hence theism is not).

  • Hurricane Panda, also known by security researchers as Zirconium or APT31 — “APT” is an abbreviation for “advanced persistent threat” — is known for focusing on intellectual property theft and other espionage.

  • …channels known as TRPM (melastatin), TRPA (subfamily A), and TRPV (vanilloid) can respond to changes in temperature, with TRPM and TRPA known to respond to cold and TRPV known to respond to warmth, noxious heat, and protons.

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  • The argument from unknowable (or not easily knowable) propositions: certain sorts of propositions cannot be known (without special measures); given closure, they could be known (without special measures), by deducing them from mundane claims we known, so knowledge is not closed.

  • well “He gave a well-prepared speech” but “his speech was well prepared”; “She liked a well-done steak” but “she liked her steak well done”; “A well-known song” but “the song was well known” (but note that, as with famous, if something is well known it is not normally necessary to say so)

  • In the case where one focuses only upon a single action whose known wrongmaking properties outweigh its known rightmaking properties, the result is as one would expect, namely, that the probability that the action in question is not morally wrong relative to the totality of its morally significant properties, both known and unknown, must be less than one half.

  • • The value of all goods and services produced – known as the output or production measure. • The value of the income generated from company profits and wages – known as the income measure. • The value of goods and services purchased by households, government, business (in terms of investment in machinery and buildings) and from overseas – known as the expenditure measure.


  • adj all

    - apprehended with certainty

    Example: a known quantity

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