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But he’s not speaking from the moral high ground.
And now that it has pulled its troops out, it has regained the moral high ground.
America's standing on the moral high ground has become even more fragile overnight.
Trudeau to stop suggesting that his party holds a moral high ground over its rivals.
But while the bondholders may hold the moral high ground, the politicians are no fools.
To the end, he wanted it all ways: he wanted the moral high ground, the celebrity, the money.
Has the environmental movement claimed the moral high ground, influencing and inspiring more people to care for creation?
It is time for CEOs of big companies to recast this debate and recapture the intellectual and moral high ground from their critics.
She added: “Before the list was published I had thought there might be some moral high ground from taking less of the licence fee than others.
“I may have had the moral high ground, but having the moral high ground didn’t help with Albany relations.”
A similar straw man argument unsurprisingly came from the prime minister when he claimed the moral high ground in demanding full returns to schools and colleges.
He's got to be happy to take his chips and count his winnings, which from the Trump era will be a shockingly quick decline in American prestige and moral high ground.
One of the most important—and movingly described—lessons you learn from your high-school debate coach, Curt Robison at Loomis Chaffee, is “Seize the moral high ground.”
Every appointee who fails to live up to that exacting standard damages the government’s ability to retain the moral high ground, and with it the chances of reining in corporate wrongdoing.
Yet even as Indian leaders repeatedly—and sometimes justifiably—take the moral high ground on climate change’s long-term challenges, their people continue to suffer and die from its immediate, home-grown causes.
Reagan tried to seize the moral high ground with his “zero-option” proposal for complete elimination of all such missiles from Europe and a call for new Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) to negotiate real reductions in the…
With Nicola Murray and Peter Mannion on the back foot after the unravelling of the key worker housing sell-off policy, both government and opposition scramble for the moral high ground while the dirty floodwater of scandal laps around their toes.
On Saturday, Smith acknowledged concocting a plan to tamper with a cricket ball during a series in South Africa, in an attempt to gain an unfair and illegal advantage, a revelation that has stunned a sport that has never been reluctant to seize the moral high ground.
Stewart and his colleagues are still fully signed up to the war on drugs, although the fact that they weren’t able to keep drugs out of prisons, arguably the most secure setting in the country, doesn’t seem to dent the conviction they have of holding the moral high ground in pursuit of the decades-long failure.
Since the beginning of the Pakistan-India crisis earlier this year, Pakistani officials have attempted to lay claim to the moral high ground: portraying Indian politicians as cynical warmongers, who pushed for military action against Pakistan in order to cash in on nationalist sentiment during India's elections (due to start this week).














































































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