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  • According to Namely, 8% of all HR practitioners in 2019 were Black.

  • The explanation is that they all possess a single property, namely, redness.

  • But you fail to identify one of the key factors that is likely to separate the winners from the losers over the long term: namely that of fund-management specialisation, particularly in equity funds themselves.

  • The Ceylon skincare brand, founded by Patrick Boateng, was formulated specifically for men of color and focuses on issues that affect skin with higher melanin content, namely acne scarring, razor bumps, eczema and hyperpigmentation.

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  • Traditional logic studied certain simple relationships between classes, namely being a subclass of and having a nonempty intersection with.

  • This is not a shared feature of any sort; Socrates just is what he is, namely human, and likewise Plato is what he is, namely human too.

  • All true propositions denote one and the same object, namely truth, and all false propositions denote one and the same object, namely falsehood.

  • Fourth, while (e) is unrestrictedly repeatable, it is a complex state of affairs, namely, a conjunctive state of affairs whose second conjunct is not repeatable.

  • A second difficulty will still remain: namely, that the argument for N-Realism still depends on the truth of the relevant descriptive thesis, in Nietzsche’s case, the doctrine of the will to power.

  • This last example also helps to underscore another important point, namely that which account of persons’ interests is adopted can have considerable practical implications, affecting what temperature target to employ and what form adaptation should take.

  • That is to say, the relation which constitutes judgment is not a relation of two terms, namely the judging mind and the proposition, but is a relation of several terms, namely the mind and what we call the constituents of the proposition…

  • Can the disjunctivist respond by saying that there is a non-causal constitutive condition necessary for the kind experience that occurs when one hallucinates—namely the absence of an appropriate candidate object of perception in the subject's environment?

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  • “Instead of demonising livestock in general and cattle and sheep in particular, we need to differentiate between the animals that are part of the problem, namely intensively produced poultry, pork and diary products, and those that are part of the solution, namely grass-fed ruminants.

  • But one may require more from the rejectivist, namely that every formula is logically equivalent to a formula in what Humberstone (2000a, Footnote 10) calls “Bendall normal form”, namely to a formula that contains at most one occurrence of the negation sign as the principal connective.

  • In thinking about neural explanations of specific consciousness, namely the contents of consciousness, we will provisionally assume a type of first-order representationalism about phenomenal content, namely that such content supervenes on neural content (see the entry on representational theories of consciousness).

  • Two other canonical fallacies of type (ii), namely the fallacy of accident (mā bi-l-ʿaraḍ) and secundum quid (sūʾ iʿtibār al-ḥaml or iġfāl tawābiʿ al-ḥaml) are listed at the end of the Nağāt section without being discussed, although they, too, may presumably be classified as subdivisions of (c), namely errors based on taking a premise to be true which merely appears to be true.

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