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  • First, objections have been made to each necessary condition, on the basis that it is not necessary for lying.

  • In Descartes’ system it would appear that laws of physics are necessary and that eternal truths are necessary as well.

  • It is therefore necessary that the Necessary Being be the cause of the emergence of evil, opposition and corruption in the world.

  • The God-properties include necessary existence, necessary omnipotence, necessary omniscience, and necessary perfect goodness.

  • The possible propositions are those that are either necessary or contingent, and the non-necessary propositions are those that are either impossible or contingent.

  • Not simply intentions, but also desires, should be considered, and not simply beliefs about necessary means, but also beliefs about non-necessary means should be considered.

  • Regardless of the connection of a necessary being with religion, it is necessary to flesh out the nature of the necessary being if one is to hold that the cosmological argument is informative.

  • The proposal is this: instead of interpreting accounts of harm at (II) and (III) as providing alternative necessary conditions for harming, we can take these two notions to provide the disjuncts for a necessary condition for harming.

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  • In addition, given that anything that follows from something that is necessary is itself necessary, one can also conclude that a claim is necessary when it can be derived from a set of necessary truths.

  • But if Kant’s view is to provide a plausible account of instrumental coherence, it should instead refer to the means believed to be indispensably necessary, since there is nothing incoherent about not willing necessary means of which you are unaware, and something incoherent about not willing the means you believe are necessary, even when they actually aren’t (Korsgaard 1997, 236).

  • And by “a necessary being” the cosmological argument means “a logically necessary being”, i.e., “a being whose non-existence is inconceivable in the sort of way that a triangle’s having four sides is inconceivable”.… Now since “necessary” is a word which applies primarily to propositions, we shall have to interpret “God is a necessary being” as “The proposition ‘God exists’ is logically necessary”.

  • While it is a vexed philosophical issue just how to account for a priori knowledge of necessary truths such as logical truths, mathematical truths, and the homelier necessary truths like the truth that nothing can be red all over and green all over at the same time, accounting for our knowledge of the necessary truth that Socrates is such that there are infinitely many primes, does not seem to be problematic in some extra special way.


  • noun object

    - anything indispensable

  • adj all

    - unavoidably determined by prior circumstances

    Example: the necessary consequences of one's actions

  • adj all

    - absolutely essential

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Use necessary in a sentence

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