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  • The calculus has the non-standard feature of using pairs of axioms that are not logical truths.

  • These non-standard English words and forms are easily understood by certain groups of people, but might be unfamiliar to other groups.

  • We also wish it were available with more colorful keycap options, since these non-standard keys are a bit trickier to find compatible replacements for.

  • The trick is to distinguish between them, matching the gesturer's intention to his pose precisely enough that the correct consequence follows, but not so precisely that slightly non-standard gestures are ignored.

  • Non-standard models have since then become a rich research area in mathematical logic (see, e.g., Boolos & Jeffrey 1989: Ch. 17; Kaye 1991).

  • Martel Maxwell visits a house in Orpington, London, which is of non-standard construction, and Dion Dublin is in Liverpool to take a look round a two-bed terrace.

  • The Microsoft Active Accessibility API was first introduced to Windows as a means of allowing assistive technologies access to control and read applications as well as non-standard UI components.

  • Apart from the quantum-based cosmologies mentioned above, there are several other theories of the universe that differ from the generally accepted big bang theory and are, in this sense, “non-standard.”

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  • Marlowe can boast a long and defiantly non-standard acting career, ranging from her early years as a 60s glamour girl of British cinema to several plays by Steven Berkoff, and three years as Sylvie Carter in EastEnders.

  • When standards and guidelines are implemented using non-standard techniques there is a risk that users who are dependant on platform specific accessibility features such as accessibility settings and screen readers will be excluded.

  • Those employees are non-standard workers because their firm is contracted by a tech behemoth like Amazon, but they have a W2 employment relationship with the contact firm, meaning they have access to rights like overtime pay or sick leave.

  • Nonetheless, just like the classical non-standard models of arithmetic, there is a class of inconsistent models of arithmetic (or more accurately models of inconsistent arithmetic) which have an interesting and important mathematical structure.

  • So long as Armstrong’s non-standard conception of ontological commitment remains controversial, it also remains controversial whether the infinite series of totality facts to which Armstrong is “committed” may be dismissed as mere ontological frippery.

  • Productions granted permission from the BBC to deliver non-standard end credits should ensure that this information is noted in both the ‘Video Comments’ field in the programme file metadata and the eyeball report when they submit the final programme file.

  • This might not sound like a huge problem, but we have around 150 hostnames across about 10 configurations to manage at the moment (we’ll collapse some down as we consolidate on h2) and this is a non-standard practice, so it’s very much vulnerable to human error.

  • Credit documentation: Productions granted permission from the BBC to deliver non-standard end credits should ensure that this information is noted in both the ‘Video Comments’ field in the programme file metadata and the eyeball report when they submit the final programme file.

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  • He wants to tackle anti-social drivers of expensive high performance machines, especially in less policed rural areas, who defy speed limits and number plate recognition cameras by using number plates with small or non-standard fonts that cannot be read from a distance or by cameras.

  • The Central Ayrshire MP said: “NHS England is being ripped off to the tune of £230 million a year as the price of some off-patent drugs and non-standard preparations, or specials, have been hiked up hundreds of times, for example to over £1,000 for a bottle of pain-relieving mouthwash.

  • A decade later and the tech world has been built on the backs of these non-standard workers, from independent contractors who are fighting for the right to receive the benefits of full-time employees to staffers at third-party contract firms who perform some of tech's most menial tasks.

  • However, it also becomes clear there, that there is a close parallel between (one large class of) Chunk and Permeate applications, and (consistent) non-standard analysis: wherever Chunk and Permeate takes a derivative by shifting chunks to one where infinitesimals are zero, non-standard analysis takes a derivative by defining derivatives to be “standard parts only”.


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