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  • Those with non-standard accents may have to persevere if they are not to be left behind.

  • However, there are also good textual reasons to think that the standard picture is superior to the non-standard proposal.

  • "It serves the companies that are using different types of non-standard work really well to refer to themselves as a separate and new economy that is creating a lot of really desirable jobs.

  • The team, based at Southampton’s Princess Anne Hospital, assessed the impact of non-standard working schedules, which included night and mixed shifts, on the reproductive outcomes of 119,345 women.

  • Cannily, HKEX is pushing for “non-standard governance features” only on the new third board.

  • As just noted, without such operators, mathematical fictionalism produces non-standard attributions of truth-values to mathematical statements.

  • He also holds a non-standard conception of ontological commitment, viz. that “What supervenes is no addition of being” (Armstrong 1997: 12, 2004: 23–4).

  • Derived from the Greek words for tongue and fear, it refers to discrimination against those who speak the language of Molière and Proust with non-standard pronunciation.

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  • The study of that system includes not only the grammar of standard English, but how it differs from other languages and from non-standard varieties such as minority dialects.

  • In the literature, however, one may also find a less-standard reading of negated implications (and consequently also a corresponding non-standard understanding of negated co-implications).

  • Companies tend to promote non-standard accounting measures for two main reasons, said Robert Hendershott, an associate finance professor at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business.

  • Insights from belief revision theory have been used in the construction of non-standard models of probabilities in which conditionalization can be performed also in this limiting case (Makinson 2011).

  • ., the box and diamond of necessity and possibility, behave in a non-standard fashion are less deviant than worlds where also the extensional operators, like classical conjunction and disjunction, do.

  • While advocates of these latter positions may take scientific theories to be true, they do so only by interpreting those theories in non-standard ways—in ways that, for instance, violate (1) or (2) above.

  • For travel dates on or after July 1, 2020, we will only offer full refunds for bookings with an ‘All Sales Final’ or other non-standard cancellation policy if the booking was made on or before May 4, 2020.

  • Reporting on the Parana State League between Cambe and Paranavai. the Brazilian website wrote that the referee noted on his match report the 'defective field markings, non-standard centre circle'.

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  • As Peter Praet, the chief economist of the European Central Bank (ECB), explained in a recent speech, to normalise is to end their reliance on “unconventional” or “non-standard” tools such as quantitative easing (QE, the printing of new money to buy assets).

  • Norton’s quantum supertask requires a non-standard quantum system because the dynamical evolution he proposes is not unitary, even though it obeys a differential equation in wavefunction space that takes the form of the Schrödinger equation (Norton 1999, §5).

  • The popular music scene developed an accent of it's own - John Peel went to public school, but cultivated a soft scouse accent, instinctively recognizing this as an acceptable voice in popular music - adopting a non-standard UK accent - with 'Jafaican' as one of the burgeoning metropolitan accents - suggesting individual freedom

  • Some solutions to this puzzle involve constructing non-standard semantic and syntactic structures for copredicational sentences (e.g., Asher 2011; Gotham 2017), but Liebesman and Magidor (2017) argue that sentences such as (47) should be taken at face-value: the sentence is about informational books, but on their view, informational books can have physical properties such as being on shelves.


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