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Opportunity cost is so simple.
Everything you do has an opportunity cost (see SHADOW PRICE).
Instead of arguing about the merits of this campaign, let’s instead look at the opportunity cost.
The concept of “opportunity cost,” as identified by Wieser, is still widely used in modern economic analysis.
There's not much risk, outside of opportunity cost, to investing in a SPAC.
What is the opportunity cost of the initial, recurring, and surprise expenses?
Getting the gram of protein from beef represents an opportunity cost of 96% (see chart 1).
Opportunity cost is that unseen payoff you miss out on because you're busy doing something else.
The opportunity cost of keeping savings in a liquid but non-interest-bearing form has rarely been lower.
With a high opportunity cost to building reputation, both the biased and unbiased are less likely to play against type.
You claim that “in the end” discounted future dividends, less an investor's opportunity cost, determine all share prices.
"You have to trust that going to business school isn't an opportunity cost — it's an investment in opportunity," she said.
But he added that risks for investors included misaligned interests, target-company quality, and sponsor and opportunity cost.
That way you have enough money to pay bills if you temporarily lose your job, but you're keeping your opportunity cost in check by not sitting on too much cash.
“I was thrilled when I was selected to publish under the ForbesBooks imprint because I recognized the opportunity cost of traditional publishers taking up to two years.
The cost of bureaucracy is a direct financial cost burden on the productive output of millions of human beings, and an opportunity cost in addressing multiple critical social needs.
"You want (your) end game to be as big as possible, and there's an opportunity cost to being reactionary, to saying, 'Right now we're not going to make investments because of what's happening.'"
The real reason that local, family-owned stores in India are thriving in the face of modern retail chains is because families do not reckon the opportunity cost of the property they occupy (“Local Heroes”, January 16th).
Professor Scott Seibert, chair of the department of human resource management at Rutgers University, agreed that it's important to think about opportunity cost when deciding whether or not to get an advanced degree, noting that COVID-19 may have changed this equation for some.
The New York Fed went on to calculate the rate of return on a college degree, comparing that long-term premium in wages down the road to the direct costs of attending college and the opportunity cost of lost wages from delaying entry into the workforce for the four years needed to earn a bachelor's degree.














































































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