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The faster the dasher moves, the more overrun you have.
Where the US has been overrun by the pandemic, Australia has resisted it.
"The dangerous thing is that our healthcare system stands to get overrun."
Visigoths had ruled Spain for two centuries before they were overrun by the Umayyad empire.
But in practice, it’s difficult to control overrun when you are making ice cream at home.
The military is struggling to contain Islamist violence that has overrun parts of the country.
The Nostalgia produced decent ice cream with a lower overrun of 31%, which is on the dense side.
Both depict the West as grim, divided, brutal, decadent, overrun with violent immigrants and unstable.
Water ices are similar to sherbet, but they contain no milk solids and have a target overrun of 20 to 30 percent.
Because the cheap store brands usually have a high overrun, that texture is often associated with poorer-quality ice cream.
But after reopening, the Pasadena-area trails, which feature a waterfall, were run overrun by hikers who failed to practice social distancing.
Ultimately, as social distancing measures lessen, it'll keep hospitals from being overrun with patients who tend to be hospitalized for weeks.
During the American war, the Sunni Triangle never posed an existential threat to the country or the possibility that militants might overrun Baghdad.
Santilli said there is grave danger in Indigenous territories that have been overrun by wildcat miners and loggers, whose trespasses are impossible to curb.
SHOUTS AND MURMURS parody of the film "Jurassic Park," about Washington being overrun by political dinosaurs: senataurs, the Pteddydon, a Carol Moseley-Braunasaurus, etc.
“If the military had not backed up the police the way they did, probably not only West Point would have been overrun, but the city center would have also been overrun,” he said.
The KitchenAid KICA0WH made perfect, fluffy ice cream every time, with an overrun of 68% in our tests using the lower-fat recipe (we suspect overrun for a higher-fat recipe would be higher).
After sweeping across the porous border from Syria to overrun Mosul, insurgents aligned with the jihadist Islamic State in Iraq and Syria continued to press south down the main north-south highway toward Baghdad.
You only have to spend about 10 seconds watching Prime Minister’s Questions before flopping into a puddle of uninspired and unrepresented mush on the floor, as you realise just how overrun by white, straight, middle and upper class men our political system is.
Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie highlighted warnings from public health experts that the easing of restrictions over Christmas was likely to lead to a third wave of infections, hospitals being overrun, more "unnecessary" deaths and potentially a nationwide lockdown in January.














































































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