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Damning taxes is a piece of cake.
But if 500 people show up over a 12-hour period, piece of cake.”
Once you’ve beaten that, other challenges in 2016 will be a piece of cake
(6) can express a moral imperative: you are obliged morally to eat a piece of cake.
“Still,” she added, “compared to before, this was a piece of cake.”
A piece of cake is okay once in a while, but cake for every meal isn’t good for you.
If you're feeling up for a savory snack, Piece of Cake also offers up quiches and bourekas.
Its members said they were given only a small piece of cake and about 10 ounces of water a day.
“I wanted to speak out but many discouraged me, saying: ‘It will be a piece of cake for them to turn you into a fool.
The best way to enjoy a Chicago-style hot dog would be with a piece of cake afterwards, a nice cold beer, and cheese fries.
In the United States too, hostesses often give their guests food to take home, such as a piece of cake from a birthday party.
Transfer the large piece of cake to a serving plate and angle the cut end in to the middle of the large cake to make a branch.
Selling your friend should be a piece of cake with the current bonus of 60,000 points (after spending $4,000 in the first three months after opening a new account).
They say: 'Kipferl is based on the Viennese coffeehouse, where the kitchen is open all day and you can sit on your own with a 'kleiner Brauner' and a piece of cake...
Your colleagues, friends and family may always be urging you to just have a piece of cake or skip the gym, but personal trainers genuinely always have your health in mind.
Faking an entire movement isn’t easy; chronograph calibres in particular are challenging to assemble, so even when you’ve gone to the effort of reproducing every component, getting it to work isn’t exactly a piece of cake.
Be sure to eat two bites before offering the rest to a toddler at a neighboring table without first consulting her mother or considering the fact that you are a sixty-five-year-old bearded man offering a piece of cake to a stranger’s child.
Törnqvist, a Tulane geologist who is an authority on subsidence, warned that decisions about places like Lafitte would be “a piece of cake compared to what’s coming — because a little down the line we’re going to be talking about communities not of 2,000 people but of much bigger things.”
High levels of sugars or fats in the bloodstream can be caused by a sudden high intake of these nutrients, for instance when you eat a large piece of cake, or you have an inefficient (slow) metabolic response to eating a smaller piece of cake.
Often, they engage in eating and exercise patterns that feel profoundly “counter-cultural” – eating a piece of cake for therapeutic reasons may sound amazing to someone without an eating disorder, but can be incredibly difficult for someone in recovery, particularly when they are not visibly ill.














































































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