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  • The possessors are no fun to have at dinner with you.

  • They are friends; daughters; possessors of bodies; activists; and tomorrow’s women.

  • Many were specially cast to commemorate important events in the lives of their possessors.

  • The US and the Russian Federation, as the possessors of some 90 per cent of nuclear weapons, are expected to lead the way.

  • A gene drive should be able to spread through a population even if it is bad for its possessors.

  • Joseph justified the killing of heretics and the church’s possession of lands (thus the name “Possessors”).

  • The wealth observed by Weber was treated to some extent as an unintended consequence of its possessors’ Calvinist faith.

  • The normative implication is that okra bestows on its possessors basic irreducible respect matched by basic irreducible human rights.

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  • These look at many possessors of an interesting trait, or sufferers from a disease, to see where they seem to have unusual DNA in common.

  • Most great dramas are considered literature (although the Chinese, possessors of one of the world’s greatest dramatic traditions, consider their plays, with few exceptions, to possess no…

  • If AlphaGo wins—and given its performance against Mr Hui, that seems like a distinct possibility—then human brains, and their possessors, will have to cede another defeat to the machines.

  • From the foregoing sample of sensibilities, it is clear that a vast repertoire of sensors in living beings confers upon their possessors an awareness of the environment that differs from humanity’s.

  • Decriminalisation means that possessors may be stopped by the police but do not earn a criminal conviction, and that punishments are light: a fine in Spain, for instance, or suspension of one's driving licence in Italy.

  • Writing for the court, Chief Justice John Marshall held that “the Indian nations had always been considered as distinct, independent political communities, retaining their original natural rights as the undisputed possessors of the soil.”

  • Through the state educational system, he has reached an uncomfortably marginal position on the border of the middle class, from which he can see the traditional possessors of privilege holding the better jobs and threatening his upward climb.

  • Sexual selection, theory in postulating that the evolution of certain conspicuous physical traits—such as pronounced coloration, increased size, or striking adornments—in animals may grant the possessors of these traits greater success in obtaining mates.

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  • A law, Ryle tells us, is “an inference ticket (a season ticket) which licenses its possessors… to move from one assertion to another, to provide explanations of given facts, and to bring about desired states of affairs by manipulating what is found existing or happening” (1949a, 117).

  • Ahl al-Kitāb, (Arabic: People of the Book) in Islamic thought, those religionists—Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians, as well as the imprecisely defined group referred to as Sabians—who are possessors of divine books (i.e., the Torah, the Gospel, and the Avesta), as distinguished from those whose religions are not based on divine revelations.

  • The whole question of the independence of Belgium will be the subject of much intricate negotiation during the winter; and as it appears that England and Europe are likely to lose much of the security arising from the barrier fortresses by changing their possessors, we trust some attempt will be made to obtain compensation for the money they have cost us.

  • different degrees and kinds of property inevitably exist in modern society; party doctrines and ‘principles’ originate in the sentiments and views which the possession of various kinds of property creates in the minds of the possessors; class and group divisions based on property lie at the basis of modern government; and politics and constitutional law are inevitably a reflex of these contending interests.


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