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  • Moral norms perform precisely this function.

  • He hates causes, too, to precisely the level that they overspill and overrun the human.

  • A recent resurgence of interest in the genre is due precisely to their prominence in cinema studies.

  • He had developed a precisely defined compositional technique involving total serialization (i.e., of every musical element).

  • So in the case of (1) and (1a), the constituents of the proposition are precisely the semantic values of the words in (1).

  • In a very real sense, the gravitational influence of a black hole is the way we can see it, and that's precisely what the EHT image reveals.

  • We can allow ourselves to feel what we normally shun to feel precisely because no one is really threatened (or at least no one real is threatened).

  • But I don’t remember precisely when this was, but a Chinese scientist at some point comes out and says, well, we don’t know precisely where it came from.

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  • And it is precisely because he has failed to achieve it that he turned up in the House of Commons, yet again, to try to explain away the unexplainable, and to fail yet again.

  • It is quite unfair to justify continuing to refuse women the enjoyment of their natural rights on grounds which are plausible only precisely because they do not enjoy those rights.

  • Yet those are precisely the kind of networks that will increasingly rely on access to 5G—and precisely the kind of attack Huawei has no plans to protect customers from.

  • Luckily, I had an old cardboard wine box that was precisely as high as it needed to be, and with precisely enough surface area when flipped upside down, to support a MacBook Air.

  • They understood that if this process could be reversed—i.e., if the orbits of several satellites were precisely known—it would be possible to identify one’s location on Earth by using information from those satellites.

  • The trick is to distinguish between them, matching the gesturer's intention to his pose precisely enough that the correct consequence follows, but not so precisely that slightly non-standard gestures are ignored.

  • Dahl chose words like a code-breaker opens a safe; he would listen and listen and listen until precisely the right word clicked, which he would then use at precisely the right time to unlock a reaction from the reader.

  • The remainder of his scholarly career was in large measure dedicated to determining precisely what ethical and political views would sustain this basic moral idea, as well as precisely how one could claim to be rationally justified in asserting it.

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  • The clearest path forward, it would seem, is to work out precisely what one must be committed to in holding that the world is composed of a hierarchy of mechanisms and precisely what of that can be recovered on the basis of different starting assumptions.

  • And so neither expected, when a handwritten note from the agent arrived, pushed under the apartment door one morning and telling them precisely where to be at precisely what time the following afternoon, that Saeed’s father would say, “You two must go, but I will not come.”

  • Other descriptive and experiential terms are used, of course; but what is remarkable is that, precisely in that area where Galen makes his most elaborate attempt to classify substances according to their properties and effects, namely in his extremely lengthy accounts of drugs—accounts which include, one should add, a significant element of quantificatory analysis—the “scientific” terms of description remain precisely these: hot, cold, wet and dry.

  • Many holists have argued that while none of us ever mean precisely what our compatriots and former selves do by our terms, we can still explain communication, change of mind etc. in terms of the fact that the different things that we mean are still extremely similar, so while I don't mean precisely what my wife means by “cat”, I still mean something extremely similar to what she does because we share most of our beliefs and inferences where that term is concerned (Harman 1973; Block 1986; Rovane 2013).


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