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  • It is not possible, of course, to assume both-sided probability based on a proto-frequentist or semantic understanding of probability.

  • Given the true probability of a major outbreak, what point estimate for the estimated probability of a major outbreak might be obtained?

  • Kolmogorov's measure theoretic axioms for probability, which appeared in 1933, soon overshadowed Reichenbach's formulation of the theory of probability.

  • By the same token, if P and P′ agree on the probability of the conditional but disagree on the conditional probability, then they cannot possibly equate the two.

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  • We first calculate the probability of a total absence of heads and then exploit the complement rule: Probability (at least one head) = 1 − Probability (no heads).

  • Probability and its logic is a major topic in both mathematics and philosophy, as discussed in the entries on interpretations of probability, and logic and probability.

  • The entry for interpretations of probability includes a brief introduction to the formalism of probability theory, and discusses the various interpretations of probability.

  • Another proposal for resolving the conjunction paradox is move away from thinking of the standard of proof as a quantified threshold of absolute probability and to construe it, instead, as a probability ratio.

  • So, “Imprecise” is not quite right, but neither is “Probability” since the formal theory of IP is really about previsions (sort of expectations) rather than just about probability (expectations of indicator functions).

  • A conditional > is a probability conditional for P (or a universal probability conditional) if and only if > is interpreted in such a way that for some probability function P, and for any sentences a and c:

  • The probative value of E is measured by the difference between the probability of H given E (the posterior probability) and the probability of H absent E (the prior probability) (Friedman 1986; James 1941: 699).

  • In Probability and Evidence Ayer also criticised the frequency interpretation of probability, noting that under this interpretation the probability of an event will change with any change in the reference class to which that event is assigned.

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  • The question of the extent to which non-Western notions and uses of probability shaped the treatment of probability in the Latin Middle Ages (or vice versa) cannot be answered here; however, some of the scholastic authors discussed below explicitly referred to Islamic sources in their accounts of probability.

  • Admissibility requires satisfaction of the formal properties of probability spelled out by the probability calculus; ascertainability demands that there must exist a method of ascertaining the values of probability; applicability stipulates that the concept of probability must have a practical predictive import.

  • If we assume that probability measures assigning non-zero probability to sets of states assigned zero by the usual measure can be ignored, then we can show that the standard probability is the only such time invariant probability under the dynamics that drives the individual systems from one microscopic state to another.

  • The Bayesian approach assumes that cognition is approximately optimal in accord with probability theory, especially Bayes’ theorem, which says that the probability of a hypothesis given evidence is equal to the result of multiplying the prior probability of the hypothesis by the conditional probability of the evidence given the hypothesis, all divided by the probability of the evidence.


  • noun attribute

    - a measure of how likely it is that some event will occur; a number expressing the ratio of favorable cases to the whole number of cases possible

    Example: the probability that an unbiased coin will fall with the head up is 0.5

  • noun attribute

    - the quality of being probable; a probable event or the most probable event

    Example: for a while mutiny seemed a probability

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